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Cheers To New Friends

Posted on Tue Apr 4th, 2023 @ 2:23am by Lieutenant Commander Viessa Kenobi & Lieutenant Siadra Molaur
Edited on on Mon Apr 10th, 2023 @ 9:55pm

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Mission: The Hunt Begins
Location: Side Bar - Deck 5 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD003 - 2100 Hours

Siadra was seated upon the bed in her quarters having an discussion, with her other hosts. "Are you saying I need to go to medical next? Why? I can go see medical anytime that I need to do so. I just don't want to go there yet."

Keema with a long suffering sigh, You should be going. Its part of protocol. And it is mandatory.

"I can do that when I need to, anytime. I just don't want it to be the normal, 'hi I'm here doctor, give me the once over scan and be done with it.' " Siadra groused. "For heaven's sake I'm going to be needing to get to know the crew here, especially since I'll be working with them. And especially if we are going to find out what happened to the two of you." Siadra was just slightly annoyed. "Look I don't want to hear about it right now, I want a drink and then maybe I will go see the doctor, just not before. I am going to go to the lounge. And just for a moment or two I just want a moments peace for me."

Siadra got up from the bed and left her quarters, and went to the lounge, getting a drink and sat at a table, almost in the center of it, call is a small slice of paranoia?

It had been a day. Honestly if Viessa had to see another person for a physical scan she was going to make sure they found their way to a morgue slab by herself. Her face did not betray her frustration and as she entered the lounge to be hit by noise she closed her eyes in an attempt to calm the storm around her.

It didn't work.

"Something strong." Viessa said to the barkeep who went on to attempt to start to list some things. "Strong. Glass. To me." she said. "Now." her stern rather English sounding accent indicated her very serious tone and nature at the moment.

The man scurried away and quickly filled up a glass with a strange blue looking liquid.

Viessa took the glass and sipped, not taking her eyes off the barkeep. "Good boy. Don't finish early." she said taking the glass and walking from the bar to find a seat. Spotting one she threw herself on it without really looking to see who else was at the table, if anyone.

The rattle of the table when someone sat down drew Siadra out of her self reflection. Across the table sat a woman with brown hair, "She motioned for another drink of which the waiter complied.

"Bad day?" Siadra breaking her silence. She took another drink of the alcohol in the glass, viewing her now table partner.

"Only if you consider whiny snot nosed Starfleet 'Officers' to be bad." Viessa said with a large sigh and small pinch of her nose. "Stubbed toe! That's what an Ensign came in with... a stubbed toe! So, he got clip around the ear and thrown out my medical bay... oh and the physicals..." she imitated a phaser at her head and then enacted it blowing her brains out. "I miss when I could cut people..." she said quietly in a half morbid joke to herself.

She took a large gulp of her drink and then sat back in her chair normally.

For a moment she looked at the woman before her and cocked her head to the side. "I get the sense today has not been the best of days for you either. Symbiont talking your ear off?" Viessa asked as a joke but knowing it could well be one of many reasons for the feelings emanating from the woman. The duality of her feelings did make it apparent she was joined.

"Oh gosh yes, embarrassed me in front of the Captain. I got into an argument with one of my voices and blurted out and I kid you not, that I wasn't going to tell our captain that he was handsome and I picked this ship due to the handsome men that were on here. Keema can be such a.. oh I don't know, she seems to think I need help to find someone. but yes I said that where he could hear. Just so embarrassing. And also was nagging at my going to see well... Well see you." her eyes widened realizing that she was seated across from the CMO.

"Maybe just need the whole bottle instead of just a glass or two." Siadra muttered.

"That does sound like a marginally worse day than I've had. Although when I first met him I told him off a couple of times for not looking after himself... didn't quite get to calling him handsome but there's time for that yet if a lot of these pass my lips." Viessa tried to lighten the mood for not only the woman in front of her, but herself also.

"Viessa Kenobi, nice to meet you.

"Siadra Molaur, pleasure to meet you as well." giving a slight chuckle.

"Lovely. Now, are you in pain? Have any medical conditions that I should know of? Feel like going on a homicidal sociopathic rampage through the ship?" Viessa asked.

"No to all of the above, and thank you." Siadra responded.

"Great. Consider yourself fit for duty." Viessa tipped the now empty glass at the waiter. "Bring us a bottle or two... and don't skimp on the good stuff Charles. I know where you sleep."

In the background you could hear the mutterings of Charles... something about how only his mother called him by his proper name, everyone else called him Charlie.

"A drink or two will definitely help things out." Siadra replied a slightly larger smile. Her glass now empty as well. "I think just getting good and soused will be good for the day. I've been actually walking around getting some tidbits as to people's experience with the Breen attack, just for their stories. I blame that on my other host who was, okay is a historian. " hearing a mental squawk from within.

"Oh and Jomad says that you are absolutely beautiful. Sorry, he wanted to have his turn at making a comment." Siadra giving a bit of a sigh.

"Well Jomad, you are a person of excellent taste." A little blush came to Viessa's cheeks as she was handed a bottle. She began to pour as she pondered over the Breen attack herself.

"Yes, nothing like being thrown head first into a fight without the proper staff, and I mean that ship-wide. I think it was me and a few doctors in Sickbay, and the EMH of course who decided to break half way through the battle. No nurses, had to draft in two doe eyed lambs to help. One was extremely helpful, the other not so much." she rolled her eyes.

She had realised she'd stopped pouring as she came back to reality and began to finish her pour. "Not how you think of starting on a new ship, but it was a break from doing medical check ups."

"Indeed, and I was on the Cardassian ship which came into the battle to help out the USS Paramount. It was rather exhilarating, and a little nail biting as well. It was incredible to see people who used to be foe, work with each other against a common foe, the Breen."

"Yes, well its nice they are on our side for the time being. I just hope the peace last long this time. I'm sick of conflicts and misery... Dominion War, Wolf 359, Romulan Star Supernova... I've been around a long time and it doesn't get any easier seeing the suffering and how people react under duress. Humans can be quite volatile when backed into a corner." Viessa spoke with sorrow.

"Oh I totally agree, humans can be rather volatile." Siadra giving a bit of a sigh. "And oh the Dominion War. That was a rough one. Keema was on Betazed for a short time, and had just left before it was over taken by the Dominion. Barely left that planet." Siadra taking up her refilled glass, and taking a nice healthy drink, lowering the glass and wiping her mouth, she continued. "Molaur has been around for quite sometime." touching where the symbiote resided. "It still amazes me that he deliberately chose me to be the host."

"I know only too well how it feels to watch someone attack your planet, watch it burn and change." Viessa cast her mind when the Borg attacked her world. It tugged at her heart strings. "How old is Molaur? If they don't mind me asking?"

"He is 463 years old, he's been around for awhile. I call Molaur a he due to that was the first host that Molaur had chosen. He was rather specific as to who he chose for his host. In fact, he was born in 1934, but didn't want to join anyone as of yet." Siadra picking up the glass to finish her drink.

Siadra contemplated the bottle then poured herself another drink. "What is your age, Viessa?"

"I am 446." Viessa replied. "But I get why you call him a he and the male species can be quite particular." she joked. "I've been through a few reincarnations of myself over the centuries and I always enjoy meeting joined Trill. Most have a real understanding of living for a long time that other shorter lived species don't have, you know?"

"Indeed it is nice to be around someone who truly understands what it is like. I am just hoping to live as long the first host did, he lived a full life, including having a family. The second host he died due to injuries he received during a robbery of his museum. Have no clue as to who had done that deed. That was an unsolved crime and mystery." Siadra went quiet for a moment as she emptied her glass and then poured herself another.

"Keema was the next host, a simple weaver, seamstress and well, someone who could do handicrafts. For some reason Molaur wanted someone who led a quiet life. And Keema was the one who he wanted, who was accepted. However another mystery developed, she was being followed from time to time. As if someone were tracking her down. She shared with me the fact of her not staying too long in one place. The longest she stayed in one place was in the vicinity of Star Fleet Academy."

"Well... Boothby did, and still does keep the Academy gardens in the most beautiful condition, even as a younger man he was brilliant. Very green thumbed as Humans would say." Viessa nodded to herself. "Must be an interesting dynamic," she tipped her glass towards Siadra's head. "Having multiple people within your own psyche. I've lived a long time, been various reincarnations of myself but I've always been just me."

"In a way, I do re-invent myself, go from host to host, to look different, to experience life and learn new wonderful skills and have different perceptions. I think we go through the different levels somewhat the same, and yet different as well. Boothby, I've not met him before. He sounds rather wonderful. If I ever live long enough, maybe I will find someone with a penchant for gardening." Siadra mused.

"Oh he's a hologram now." Viessa mused. "The real man was far more no nonsense." she giggled a little to herself as the alcohol hit her.

"I see, now that is rather interesting." Siadra poured herself another drink, and took a sip of it, " No nonsense eh? was there any robberies of a vegetable garden or some flowers that were plucked to woo a romantic partner?"

"Oh he was just an old soul." Viessa mused. "I very much love old souls... some say I am one. He would shout at you if you trod on his plants, tell you off for ruining a newly seeded lawn but he also was quite good at giving advice. They really captured who the man was and back when his matrix was created that was something special. Gods helps you if you picked any of his flowers." she laughed.

"He sounds rather intriguing. Perhaps when or if we go to the Alpha Quadrant, we can go see that man who tends the gardens there. I would like to meet him. Plus am wondering if Keema may have met him before. Now you have me all so curious." Siadra giving a bit of a giggle. She took another drink, she was feeling a bit of a buzz. Whatever this drink was, it was really good.

"Plenty to see and do in the Alpha Quadrant." Viessa raised her glass a little lopsidedly.

Siadra was feeling even more relaxed, the voices in her head were quieting down. Another few drinks from this bottle may indeed do the trick. Another drink then she responded. "I am looking forward to new experiences." Molaur this time speaking up. "Siadra, she's not seen much and seeing what she sees for the first time is quite refreshing. I wonder if she will get married."

"If they meet the right person I guess anything is possible." Viessa replied without missing a beat. "I was with someone for a time, not married in a legal sense, but we had two offspring who currently reside with him back on my world." she took a sip. "Sometimes people marry their work. Goddess knows there have been many years where I've felt like I never got my nose out of a PADD for fresh air."

A nod from Siadra, "That does happen doesn't it." A quiet chuckle, "We'll see what happens in Siadra's life as things progress." Another drink then Siadra came back to her focus. "I suppose we should call it a night, I'm definitely ready to get some sleep. Who knows what the next day will bring and we get to do investigating. I am all for that." she struggled for a moment to get to her feet, feeling the buzz even stronger. "Goodnight Viessa, it was a pleasure to have met you." she was steady enough to make it on her own to her quarters. "And thank you for keeping me company and sharing the drinks."

"My pleasure, Siadra. I hope you sleep well, and if you need 'help' in the morning I can give you a magical hypospray." she smiled.

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