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Dates R Us

Posted on Sun Apr 30th, 2023 @ 7:47am by Lieutenant Commander Faith Benson
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Mission: The Hunt Begins
Location: The Sidebar - Deck 5 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD004 1800 hrs

Kelly was...nervous. Not because she'd invited Faith, but because this was the first time she'd be in the Lounge, and there was SURE to be some whispers about it. Still, she walked in and greeted the barkeeper. "Lt. Cmdr Miller. Nice to meet you. May I have a Springwine, please?" She didn't drink often, but she needed a bit of Dutch courage and gin would have her sloppy. That wouldn't do. Sure enough, the woman's mere presence was NOTICED, and she smoothed her dress nervously.

It was just a sundress, nothing to write home about, but she bet that no one would have pegged her for even OWNING a dress, let alone wearing one to meet someone at the crew lounge. It was white with spaghetti straps, and printed with all-over sunflowers. She wore it with matching white flat sandals. She felt a little silly-it was a bit "young" for her, but she had this, a formal gown, and a suit besides slacks and tops that were nice enough for a...was it a date? She supposed so. It was still WEIIIIRRDDD to say. She took her Springwine to a table to sit and wait, fighting the urge to glare at people who were staring. She quickly checked her makeup in a mirror in the small bag she'd brought-a purse of sorts-she looked fine. She didn't wear much makeup anyway, and had only added a bit of berry-red lipstick. It wasn't on her teeth-yet-and that's all she cared about.

Faith didn't give a hoot whom was going to end up seeing them, then again, why would she? That didn't go to say that Kelly may or may not. So she'd try and behave for the moment. Of course she wasn't late, Faith had actually been in there about seven minutes prior. Though she'd been in the restroom to do her fresh up, so it could be seen as she was just getting there. Save for the fact she was coming from the wrong direction of the main doors. Her hair was left cascading over her shoulders in a dress that Siadra had actually made and given her. It was almost a match to the color of her own eyes. Though completely coincidental. Not exactly form fitting but close and went a little bit past her knees.

Giving a scan of the lounge to see if Kelly had gotten there yet. There she was, giving a pause to take a look in and over her a moment before steps took her to the bar to join her. Leaning hip against the bar counter on Kelly's left, but not saying anything yet on purpose.

She looked around, and finally spotted Faith. "Hi." She smiled a little. "Want a drink?" She asked. "We can get a table. Or just sit here and chat." She bit the inside of her lip; she was nervous and uncertain.

"You actually own a dress? And you look lovely in it. I expected your Class-A," Faith gave a teasing wink to her. Glancing to the Tender a moment. "Hmmm..Texas Iced Tea please, double." Back to Kelly, "Here is fine for the moment."

Kelly raised an eyebrow. "I did consider it, actually." She conceded. "But yes, believe it or not. I own a singular dress. Well. I also have a formal gown because I used to go to events with my husband, but not for awhile." She watched as a drink was placed in front of Faith. "What on EARTH is that?" She asked. It looked deadly. Kelly nodded. "Ok, here is fine with me, too. I can't kill you here." She joked. But secretly was pleased. She felt kind of like a kid again; nervous and giggly but was holding it together surprisingly well.

"This?" pointing to the tall drink. "Different version of a Long Island Iced Tea. Blanco tequila, bourbon whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, triple sec, sour mix, and a little bit of soda on the top." Faith could sense it, at little bit. Mostly because of the body language. It wasn't like she was empathic..or was she? She was actually excited herself also. It'd been awhile, particularly how this ended up happening. "You could try...." smirking.

Kelly laughed. "I just might. That is a LOT of alcohol; your people must have stomachs of steel." The sheer thought of that much made her queasy. She could put back a LOT in her younger years but any more, she'd just sleep after more than two glasses of wine, and then wake up with a raging headache. " Should we get some dinner or? Did you eat already?" She had a small snack, in case Faith hadn't wanted anything, but she could eat something light. ANYTHING to avoid having to make small talk-she wasn't good at small talk and never had been. "This is a decent place; I can't believe I hadn't been here yet." She remarked. She was TRYING lately, and she still hated it, but at was something. Right?

"Well normally, it's just a half ounce of all of those. Then again I said double. Also it's suppose to be a drink and drank like one, not shot down." Smiling lightly, "I didn't eat any thing on purpose just in case." Faith looked around, "You've been on this ship how long and still not been here until now?"

Kelly shrugged. “I don’t socialize much; I didn’t get to be a Lieutenant Commander and lead JAG by going to the lounge regularly. Plus… after John died, I didn’t see the point. Even before that, though, I was more of a holodeck person.” She explained. “He was always the life of the party, I did all the practical stuff. It’s how we worked.” She shrugged. It had been the way it was for years. “And let’s not ignore the fact that I am… tightly wound.” She knew this about herself, but she’d been that way since she was a child. Always very serious, dedicated, by the book.

"Not socializing doesn't get one to higher ranks, then again it doesn't not do it either, you know." Letting Kelly finish while she took a sip from the tall glass. "Well, you're out of your wheel house now, and you just have to get used to it again."

Kelly nodded. She knew. “Yes. I agree.” She sipped her drink and then sighed. “Do you come often?” She asked. She flagged down the hostess, a Cardassian called Prashani, and asked her for salmon and steamed vegetables; the “special.” “What do you like? I usually just have salad at home…” she was running out of things to discuss.

There was a pretty good reason she went with the change off of John. There wasn't any need for him to be in the conversation, at least not monopolizing it. Which if it did that would just down the night for both of them. Faith had no problem John being brought up depending on the situation or conversation. She knew he'd come up from time to time. Looking Prashani a moment, "Um..give me a minute to look over things." Taking a PaDD. "Hmmm...”

She took the moment to collect herself and calm down. It was just a friendly dinner from someone who lost a bet. She closed her eyes a moment; it was too hard to lie to herself. It was a date, or at least she had intended it to be. She better think of something to say; Faith will wonder how the hell she got to be the JAG. “Someone had pasta earlier; that looked good!” She suggested. Kelly realized that most people except possibly Romulans didn’t eat the same five meals every week as she did. She interrupted. “I’m sorry, ma’am. Can I switch my order? I think I’d rather have ramen. With beef.” It’s been YEARS. Why not?

"Pasta you say?" Faith grinned a little and gave Kelly a little shouldered nudge. "Thank you for that, I know exactly what I want now. Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo. It should be listed under Faith Pasta dish 67. It's grilled sliced chicken with cajun seasoning over a bed of linguini pasta in alfredo sauce. Cheddar Bay biscuits. The full not half plate." Nodding and handing the PaDD back, taking a few drinks from her glass. "Found out about those centuries ago, a place called Red Lobster."

Kelly laughed. “Of course you did. Of all the places in the Universe, you picked old America.” It tracked, though, really. “What is a cheddar bay biscuit? I know what Cheddar is. I know what biscuits are. Kind of. I’ve never had one. But … I’ve never heard of a place called Cheddar Bay.” Knowing the little bit she did about Faith, it was sure to be something ridiculous. But maybe… a little fun.

Faith stuck her tongue out, "Hey, it's good. As for the biscuits. They are just that. There's not a place called Cheddar bay. They make these biscuits infused with cheddar cheese and a few other things and it's just how they manage to make them. Oh my God so good. can try one." Giving Kelly a kissie face motion.

She shook her head. “I see. It’s not an actual place, then?” She was a little disappointed but it was FARRR better than the late 21st century naming conventions, she supposed. There was a lot of “boaty mcboatface” type of thing going on. She, herself, had been named after a relative born at that time. “If I’m lucky, I’ll let you eat them all.” It didn’t sound too appealing, if she were honest. She was already stepping out of her comfort zone with everything else.

"Oh..right, I should have explained a little more. It was a restuarant. Might still be around, I don't know. Sisko's in San Fran might have it, and you definitely have to try both."

Kelly shrugged. “I see. Maybe someday.” She said. She tended to avoid HQ and the area around it like the plague if she could help it. Not that she was on Earth often enough to care much, but still. Kelly had grown a bit disillusioned with the Fleet and Federation as a whole. Finally, their food came and she wouldn’t have to think about topics for a while. “I’ve never been to Sisko’s, either. I TOLD you I don’t get out much.”

There was a shake to her head a little, reaching out to boop, yes boop, Kelly's nose while also saying boop as she did it. Smiling the whole time, maybe a little blush hitting her cheeks. "I was talking about the food that I just ordered."

Kelly smiled and fought the urge to bat Faith’s hand away. “I see! I’ll try it!” If it was bad, it was a small bite. If it were good, she knew for next time. The food was helping her to calm down some; the distraction was welcome and necessary. She didn’t know how to “just relax,” she had to DO something to relax. She extended the bowl of noodles to Faith. “Want to try mine? It’s just regular old ramen, but it’s been a while since I had any.”

Obviously Faith was showing a lot of herself on her sleeve, but there of course was much more hidden, just like Kelly had. That would come with time. Since Kelly's came first, then she'd give a try of the Ramen. Of course slurping. Also the only way she'd eat Ramen was with chopstick. "Nothing wrong with that."

Kelly nodded. "No." She didn't explain further. It didn't matter. She waited for Faith's meal to arrive, then began to eat carefully. She did her best to not be weird about it-no deconstructing everything onto a plate and replacing it in a specific order, for example. Just plain eating like she needed to do. Damn it, why couldn't she be android? It'd make life SO much easier. She set her chopsticks down carefully, and sipped her wine. Then spoke. "How's yours?" She went back to it-if Faith watched her carefully enough, she'd realize that Kelly's bites were small, and she chewed each one a minimum of twenty times. How she ever passed a psych review was a feat.

She put the chopsticks across the top of the bowl, to the side of it, or a different bowl. The reason was because that's how it's suppose to be done traditionally. Faith caught on to the chewing thing, it wasn't hard to miss, at least for Faith. The deconstructing, not so much, but she didn't like everything touching either. Depending on what it was. Her food set down and Faith got giddy. "Oooo...yes." Scooping some up, twisted with a fork, then set down. Grabbing a biscuit first. "This one first." Holding it up to Kelly's lips.

Dutifully, Kelly took a small bite. After a quick chew-it was just a taste, after all-she shrugged. "It's good! I probably wouldn't eat it every day but it's not bad!" She was ready now for the pasta, and took a small forkful for herself. "This is actually excellent!" She said. Maybe it was time to expand her palette now. She couldn't eat like she was a college kid forever, right?! Right. "Yeah. Maybe next time, I'll have that!!"

That made Faith giggle a little, just a little. It brought enough red to her cheeks to match at least. Definitely happy with the reaction. "I'm really glad you like it! Next time will have to try Johnny's skilletini." It was big enough for both of them. Setting a fork to the side of it in her direction if Kelly wanted more of it.

"Johnny's what?" She asked. She ate a bit more-she was never hungry between meals because it took her so long to chew and swallow. What was the etiquette these days? She'd have to research it. "What are your plans for the rest of the evening? When is your next day off?" She was trying to come up with things to say that weren't about work, per se, or really embarrassing. She hoped that Faith could at least fill in the silence between bites and stuff. She ate a little bit faster, speeding up to fifteen chews. Was it too late to wish for the Romulans to blow them out of the sky?!

"It's a different type of pasta dish. Also yummy." Taking some bites, some of them back and forth between the pasta and the biscuits. Looking up to match Kelly's gaze. "I haven't made any plans for the rest of the evening. Either you had something planned or we'd just wing it. My next day off, I hadn't checked yet."

Kelly was really just trying to make small talk. She wasn’t good at it. “I didn’t. In case this went badly.” She admitted. “I am not off until the weekend but that’s par for the course for me,” she said. The “professional” careers often worked traditional Monday-Friday shifts. “But we can figure out something, I’m sure.” Truthfully, she was getting a little “peopled out”. “That pasta dish sounds like I’d need to spend a week in the gym.” She made a face. “How can you eat like that?”

At least Faith was enjoying herself. As much as hopefully it seemed Kelly was. "Do we really have a weekend though to be honest? Particularly if there is a crisis going on." Tilting her head just a little, then taking a sip from her tall glass. "Practice? I don't know. High metabolism, also I do run the Security department." Leaning, Faith reached with a thumb to catch a little bit of the sauce from the pasta away from the corner of Kelly's lips. "Got a little..there we go."

Kelly shrugged. “I’m not bridge crew, so I usually DO get my weekends, yes, but I hear you. When I was at the Space Station, I hardly did… we were constantly busy. It never failed that some dummy would get drunk and do something stupid.” At least it kept her busy. “And that’s true. I sit most of the day.” Actually, she paced her office most of the day, but that didn’t matter. Then, Faith reached out and touched her face, and she almost pulled away, but then Faith said it was only sauce. “Oh. Thank you.” She smiled. “I think I’m finished but feel free to continue.” She didn’t usually eat large meals so she was full. She was also thinking about things they could do after. Maybe go to the Holodeck or something.

"You're welcome." Faith had intended on holding it there actually and cupping Kelly's cheek for a moment, though didn't. That's why she only got the bit of sauce instead. Either figuring too soon, or just not the correct time. "So...I should purposely get drunk so I have to come to Sickbay, eh?" now giving a grin.

Kelly laughed. "No. Please don't do that...sounds not fun!" She exclaimed. "Do you want to go to the arboretum after this? There's a tree I like." That was one place she did go. The tree-she didn't know what kind-reminded her a bit of New Mexico, where her ancestors were from. "Maybe a little more wine. Or whatever that is, for you," she pointed at the giant drink that Faith had. She was more relaxed, having had some food and the time had passed.

"It'd be an excuse to see you during duty hours," winking at Kelly. "We could go there, it sounds nice." Faith glanced to her glass, "The Texas Iced Tea?" it was about empty. "Sure, just not a double this time I think."

Kelly nodded. "I don't go during working hours. You know me; chained to my desk." Or the Helm for a bit for now-just another thing for her to become stolid about. "Yeah, a double might be a bad idea; I don't think I could carry you home." She joked. "I am ready when you are. If you don't want to, it's ok. We can just go chat somewhere." She wasn't about to invite Faith to hers, but she wouldn't say no to the opposite.

"Oh heavens no, we wouldn't want me all drunk and have to be lead to your quarters to have me sleep it off in your bed with you," Faith shook her head, "I mean, having to make sure I was hydrated and all." She didn't need another drink, that was fine. She did get what she'd gotten for dinner, a new order, to go. "I would love to see your tree."

Kelly laughed at Faith's joke. "Good, glad we understand." She didn't say anything when Faith ordered a second meal; she assumed it was for the next day's meal. She led Faith out of the lounge, and towards the Arboretum. "It's not MY tree," she said. "It's just a tree I like." The botanist, the only person on this ship besides the three she interacted with daily, was the only person on the ship she had met and she liked her. She was actually not even a real botanist, but instead, some kind of scientist, and it was more a lab than a true Arboretum but it was Kelly's secret place and she liked it. "The person who runs it says it's a Scrub Oak. Like I said, it reminds me a bit of our ancestral home in New Mexico, on Earth." She'd only been there a few times in her life but she like the desolate wildness of it.

"Never heard of a Scrub Oak. I guess I'm going to find out, sort of." Faith followed Kelly as they walked, right next to her. She also had to tease, "So I guess the Roswell rumors ended up being true."

Kelly laughed before stopping in front of the lab/Arborteum. "Here we are...and yeah, I guess so. Though it turns out all they had there was crashed ships from long-dead races." She shrugged, and then rang the chime. A moment later, a freckly young Deltan woman opened the door. "Commander Miller! Good to see you again, come in." Kelly smiled. "This is my friend Faith. Lt. Benson to you," she clarified. "How is it today?" She asked, following the young Ensign to a tree-lined field of sorts. "Pretty good. You were right, adding some clay to the soil really helped!" She smiled, then spoke to Faith. "This tree is called a Scrub Pine. It's found on Earth, in the high deserts all across the planet. If you've seen any holographs of that planet's African plains, it's the tall trees you'll see." The Deltan explained. "It's our only species from Earth currently." She caught Kelly's pointed look, and then stepped back with a quiet "sorry." Kelly turned to Faith. "Here it is. There's a whole grove of them at DS21." She said. "I LOVE to sit there and just...think." If Faith was at all receptive, like most of her race, she'd have picked up some truly HAPPY feelings from Kelly; a first.

Faith gave a glance a moment, then shrugged it off. Okay, Faith was fine with her, but if Kelly would rather the Deltan was formal that was fine as well. Looking around the room as they moved along. The receptivity was a little different than say, Betazoids, but Faith could still pick up on it in her own races way. Smiling warmly.

"So...I know it's kind of lame. AND if you tell anyone, I will kill you and make it look like an accident, ok?" She said. She didn't need people thinking she was...soft. "What is El Auria like? Have you ever actually been there?" Kelly asked. She settled into a chair that Ens. Julianne had brought out.

"Uh huh..I suppose you can try." Faith nodded to the Ensign, sitting down as well, with a little more of a thud, given the question. Setting the food on the ground next to her. "Not quite to dissimilar to any other M-Class planet I guess. Like Earth. Granted different ecosystems, structures, technology levels." Giving a slight sigh, with just the briefest look away, before her violet eyes looked back to Kelly. "I was there before and during the end."

Kelly nodded. “I imagine it was difficult to see.” Kelly took her hand, looking back at the trees. “I bet you’ve seen some pretty cool things.”

Her eyes shifted to their hands, giving a gentle squeeze. "I just wish we'd thought about them changing their tactics." Not tears, at least right now. Sometimes she did though over it all. "Oh certainly. I have a lot of them cataloged into holo-programs actually."

Kelly nodded. "I imagine it wasn't easy." Was the mention of holo-programs a prompt?! Kelly didn't know. Hmm. She decided not to ask. Faith would tell her in time. Or not.

"If I am boring you with my trees, we can do something else or...something." She blushed a little; it was more forward than she was used to. Hell, the whole NIGHT had been a lot of forwardness to get to.

"You can ask. If you meant El'Auria, that isn't what I was getting at. I was talking about things I've seen through out history." Giving a look still directly at Kelly, "Or something you say."

Kelly nodded. “I see,” she said, when Faith clarified. “Yeah. Or something. I mean. It’s still early. Even I don’t hit the rack this early.” She inhaled. “You can come to my quarters… have coffee. Talk about your El’Auria some more. If you want.”

Faith leaned down to pick up her food bag, then stand, "Why don't we just start with walking."

Kelly nodded. “Ok.” She led the way back out of the lab, and towards the Turbolift. The habitation deck was close by and senior staff quarters were all nearby. After telling the computer where to go, she turned to Faith. “Where ARE we going?”

Upon the walking, Faith wasn't really paying to much attention to where they were going to be honest. Just walking, keeping her hand in Kelly's. She had no qualms what so ever anyone seeing as such. Though, given they were suppose to have a destination. Kelly had said that they could go to her quarters. After a long round about way. 'Maybe the long round about was on purpose.....cause you know full well you did that on purpose, Faith, didn't you. -- Yup yup! I sure did.' Stopping at Kelly's quarter doors. "Is it hot in here a little? I could go with getting out of this tunic," that actually wasn't an innuendo. At least, yet.

Kelly shrugged. “I don’t think so, but feel free.” She let them into her quarters. As before with Siadra, Faith would find the anteroom spartan. It had the furnishings that came with it, and no other items. Kelly’s photos and personal items were in the bedroom alcove. “Do you want something to drink?”
Kelly would switch to something nonalcoholic; no need to embarrass herself.

Given the invitation, Faith got her tunic off and laid it carefully some where near the doors. Taking a little walk around looking at every thing before turning to Kelly. "Water I suppose."

Kelly nodded, and opened her cabinet to get a glass. A moment later, she presented Faith with a glass of water. She clutched a cup of tea herself. "So. This my quarters. The same senior officers' quarters we all have..." She said. "Do you want to, um...sit down? With me?" The bench/couch thing that Starfleet thought sufficed for a sofa was small but it served its purpose. She sat down, primly and carefully. Faith definitely didn't need any ideas about what would-or would NOT-be happening that evening.

There was, potentially what would or would not be happening, or something completely outside of what either of them were anticipating. Faith gave a little stretch, maybe exaggerated on purpose just slightly, arcing her back to pus her chest forwards. Finally sitting down. "You don't have a lot of stuff out here."

Kelly watched as Faith stretched out a little bit. Was it purposeful? She was normally pretty good at reading people but Faith acted outside of customary expectations. In a way, so did she. “No.” She said. “I’ve always been very spartan about decor, even as a child. It served me well in my career; the Fleet doesn’t have much in the way of creature comforts. Besides, all I do is sleep here. Most of my time is spent in my office, as you know.” The bedroom held more personal items-photos of her parents and John, and the only thing she splurged on-good quality bedding. She was very serious about her sleep.

Oh it was definitely on purpose, so was this; Having remembered the food, it needed to be put up. Just as exaggerated as the stretch was, this time the way she stood up was on purpose. More sensual, starting with her hands on both knees. The way her body 'rolled' and curved as she stood was just that. Getting the bag and going into the communal area. Looking for a fridge, even her steps were going that bit of allure to it. All quarters should have one. "Don't want it to go bad," setting it in and returning. "I don't know what Fleet you're in but we have a ton of comforts available and allowed."

Kelly watched. Her movements were DEFINITELY on purpose. She swallowed. “To the left. I moved it from where it normally goes so I have room for yoga.” She shrugged. Yoga was the only thing that had kept her from letting herself be sucked into the void via the external engines. Faith would find it mostly empty, as Kelly hardly cooked. There was some leftover sparkling water she’d never finished and some fresh fruit. That’s all. After a minute, Faith returned. “I hope the bodies I keep in there didn’t bother you,” she joked.

Faith turned on the couch so she could face Kelly, an elbow propped up on the back of said couch. "You must have forgotten you moved them. They're under the loose deck plating in front of the waste recycler," grinning a little bit. "I guess I'll have to cook for you sometime then."

Kelly laughed. “Oops. Next time, I’ll have to be more careful.” She looked at Faith, a strange sort of feeling rising up from her stomach. A feeling she couldn’t-or maybe wouldn’t-recognize. “That would be… nice. Guess the bare fridge was obvious? I tend to use the replicator more than I probably should. I don’t eat much though, so I never saw the point in cooking for one person.” She shrugged. “BUT!!” She stood up. “Stay here. I DO use the freezer. I’ll be right back.” Kelly opened the freezer and unearthed two pint sized containers of ice cream. Returning to the anteroom, she held them up. “Dessert! Caramel or vanilla?” Kelly’s Vice was ice cream-the single thing she allowed herself to indulge in regularly.

"I just like cooking, even for myself..sometimes," giving a little shrug. "There's a but?" Faith tilted her head a little bit. A little more...okay, now there was a but, and a butt. Smiling delightfully as she leaned back again. " cream. Vanilla is fine with me."

Kelly tossed the pint to Faith, then grabbed two spoons and headed back to the couchbench after putting the caramel away. She handed Faith a spoon. “I don’t even know why I have the caramel; I don’t like it much.” It had been her husband’s favorite, and she guessed that it was just nostalgia. Or habit. “I know it’s not super fancy. And if you tell anyone about the fact that I eat enough ice cream to keep two in my freezer, I’ll push you into a Jeffries tube and close it up.” Was she having… fun?? She just might be.

Faith took the spoon, "Oh. I thought I had to pick one for myself. Could mix the two of them and see how that tastes after all." Which they could try later, she wasn't going to get up right now. Taking a couple of bites, "I phase through objects?" Making a little teasing shrug.

Kelly shrugged. "If you'd like. I don't eat much of it, but it's the one thing I allow myself as a treat daily. The only reason I haven't tossed myself off the top of DS9 yet, really." She said, standing up to get the caramel. "So you want to stay with me or??" She said, trailing off as she disappeared to get the other ice cream. Returning to the other room, she settled back down. "I had a good time today. For once in a LONG time." She sighed. "I haven't ever done this before," she gestured to the space between them. "Dated another woman, I mean...but it's Ok, I am willing to try. If you are. Can you, that thing again?" Her voice dropped an octave, as if she'd get caught saying something untoward in her own space. "Kiss me, I mean..." In most things she did, she was definitely an Alpha, a go-getter. Somehow, she wasn't that way with romantic entanglements. Everyone had their downfalls, though, she supposed. She leaned in quietly, her brown eyes closed.

There was just delightful curiosity across Faith's features as Kelly struggled a little bit with explaining and stumbling some. It made Kelly even more adorable, attractive. Not in a weak way at all. There wasn't a reason for her to say anything in response to it. Simply cupping her cheek with one hand. Leaning in and softly at first, pressing her lips to Kelly's. Pushing a little more tenaciously the longer it was held. Moving more into it and completely closing the distance between them.

It was perfect.

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