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Old Rumblings

Posted on Tue May 2nd, 2023 @ 10:02pm by Captain Marc Kidd & Commander Abernathy Rice PhD & Lieutenant Jonathan Corwin & Lieutenant Christopher Blake & Lieutenant Commander Faith Benson & Lieutenant Sorine Kaida & Lieutenant Commander Viessa Kenobi & Lieutenant Siadra Molaur & Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin & Ensign Cihl Theidi & Ensign Nala Rider & Cassandra Frost
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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Observation Lounge - Deck 3 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD001 0800 hrs

Marc summoned his crew for what is going to be the first briefing. He had no idea what they were heading into. The orders from Ford were to proceed to Bajor at all haste and meet with a Minister Taro Holmes. Being a fan of the old style police facilities as he was Marc set out a spread of donuts and coffee and tea for everyone while they talked. For now all there was to do was to sit and wait for the rest of the crew to arrive.

Andrew was new to the Artemis so he wanted to start as he meant to go on. Not only did he make sure his uniform was clean and crease free. He hurried to be on time for the meeting. Luck was with him as he found the observation lounge. But he had to stop himself from rushing in and pressing his face against the windows like an excited puppy. Calmly he reported to Captain Kidd.

“ Lieutenant Junior Grade Andrew Griffin reporting as ordered sir.” Andy said standing to attention before his CO.

"At ease Lieutenant. Choose a seat and help yourself to some coffee and food. As soon as everyone arrives. We will start." Marc said with a smile as finished making his own coffee and took the seat at the head of the table.

Jonathan walked in and got himself a donut and coffee and placed them on the table at the mid point, He looked up. "Good day Captain, I hope you've had a pleasant day so far. "| He then noted a new face and came over and extended his hand, " I am Lieutenant Jonathan Corwin, JAG defense council. It's a pleasure to meet you. And you are?? " As he introduced himself to the new crew member.

Andy put down his mug of coffee and cheese Danish pastry and stood as he shook Corwin's hand.

“ Hello I am Lieutenant Junior Grade Andrew Griffin Criminal Investigator sir. Good to meet you.” Andy said

Kaida entered and sat down next to Andy, who she smiled at. He was the only one she felt she knew even a little bit on this crew and therefore she was most comfortable next to him. Kaida was never one to draw attention to herself so she didn't say anything and looked toward the front of the room.

Faith had already been at her normal post, instead of helping Kelly with... well was helping with, till it got shut down, the prosecution and investigation. That still had her a little irked to be honest. Logging out and then coming into the Observation lounge.

Kelly was behind Faith; not literally behind her, but next through the door, having come up from the Bridge. It was WEIIIRRDD being there instead of her office, but she supposed it was for the best. For now. She didn't smile but she did raise a hand in greeting. She already knew everyone-though she hadn't formally met Andrew Griffin, you bet your ass she knew who he was.

"Good morning, people." She stood against the wall, as she did, and folded her arms over her chest. She never sat; she was far too kinetic for that. She glanced at her chronometer, even though she already knew it was exactly 0804. The rest of the department heads were late. Instead of saying anything, she tapped her foot. Being less terrible was hard.

"Wow... I can cut the tension in this room with not a knife, not a spoon, but a sock." Faith moved over to the replicator. Water jug out. They could get their own glasses. Also replicating up two Deanwiches, which she cut up into bite size pieces and put that platter in the middle of the table. "There."

Siadra arrived shortly after Faith placed the plate of deanwiches upon the table. "Oh that smells wonderful." she exclaimed, not realizing that there was a long purple thread, hanging on to her uniform and a small piece of purple fluff of yarn on her right shoulder. Taking a napkin she reached over and partook one, and found her seat, after getting some coffee. "Good morning" she said to those in the room.

Nala was VERY late! She raced through the ship, ducking and spinning around crewmates as she went. Nala finally got to the Observation Lounge. Trying not to huff and puff, she straightened her uniform and walked in.

"Greetings, Captain, everyone," Nala greeted as she walked to the table, grabbing a Deanwich, a Bear Claw, and a cup of tea before sitting down in the 'corner seat'.

Jonathan looked dissatisfied as he emptied the last of his coffee. and went back to the replicator. " Computer a large black coffee as dark as the devil's soul and three black pudding patties. " He returned to the table before the briefing started and acknowledged each person that he knew and waited for the briefing to begin.

Chris hated meetings and he hated crowds even more. He had stayed at his console on the bridge making himself busy and making sure everything was in order until the last possible second. Standing up, he straightened his uniform and briskly walked to the Lounge, keeping his gaze averted from as many people as he could. He probably knew a few people in the room, but he wasn't one to make things awkward or force them to make small talk with him. Instead he found a spot near the large windows and leaned slightly against the ledge.

From her perch in the corner, Kelly watched, and tried not to glare at everyone. She had ALREADY spotted at least three different uniform violations, and everyone's tardiness was less than impressive. Still, she didn't say anything, just raised an eyebrow at the Captain, quietly crossed to Molaur, and bent down. "You need some help straightening your uniform, Sailor?" She asked, removing the purple fluff and handing it to her before falling back to pace the room, as usual. She moved to the replicator, and ordered up another coffee, turning again to continue pacing. It was how she stayed so thin despite her mostly sedentary job the rest of the time. Pacing helped her to think.

Nala suddenly got a bit nervous and started looking over her uniform, trying not to draw attention to herself as she did so.

"Well now, thank you Commander, I hadn't noticed that." Siadra remarked "One never knows when a hitchhiker decided to hitch a ride unknowingly, much like a cocklebur hitching a ride on an unsuspecting passer by." she mentally shushed the voices as one of them commented Her stays must be so tight, I can hear them creak as she walks

Kelly gave her a LOOK but just nodded once. "Don't let it happen again." She fought to keep her tone even, just a verbal acknowledgement that she was aware that the Lieutenant was sloppy.

For the moment Marc was content as he watched everyone arrive and take refreshment. He noticed quite a number of people on edge and that the crew had not quite come together yet as a unit. He had hoped that the business with the Breen would have brought them together and yet in some ways it seemed to push them apart more. He sighed heavily. All in due time I guess all in due time. He thought.

Yes, Viessa was late but that didn't concern her. She had been tending to some foolish crewman who thought an early morning game of Parisses Squares against a strong and formidable hologram opponent was a good idea. It wasn't. It all her centuries in the medical field the stupidity of people never ceased to amaze her.

As she entered the room she moved passed some of those already present, poured herself a cup of tea and moved to be near Siadra.

Ensign Cihl Theidi could not believe that he was late for the Captain's Briefing on the situation that the Artemis would be facing, especially as he had started work early this morning due to a minor inefficiency involving the port nacelle. After having crawled through EPS conduits for the past hour, he had truly lost all track of time in the process and been late for the start of his actual duty shift in the process. When he finally came out of he conduits his assistant was fairly shocked to see him there, especially as Ventaxians were known for being on time.

Neglecting to change from his soiled uniform, the Chief Engineer immediately went to the Observation Lounge afterward. Entering the conference room, the Ensign studied the surroundings quickly looking for an open chair - any open chair - that he could sneak into before any one else noticed how late he had been.

Abe hated being late, in fact he was always the person who arrived several minutes early just to ensure his punctuality. Abe slipped in one of the side doors and nodded to the Captain, "Sorry, I'll explain later." He took his seat as he looked around the room. At least he missed all the typical small talk, he thought to himself as he smiled.

Once everyone was there and seated and seemed to be a little calmed down by the refreshments. Marc smiled at everyone and brought the meeting to order. "Ladies and gentlemen first off, I would like to say that you all handled the defense of Poseidon Station with the skills that are expected from a crew with your experience. So, I wanted to say thank you on behalf of the brass, thank you. I know that is not what you all signed up for. Especially where some of you were asked to help in areas you never trained for." He paused for a moment to allow his words to sink in, then tapped a button on the small console in front of him. A holographic image of the planet Bajor appeared in the center of the table.

"That is enough with the adulation and now for something that you all did sign up for. The Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit has its first official case. You all should know the image in front of you. That is the planet Bajor and that is where we are heading. The particulars of this case are unknown even to Admiral Ford. It seems that Minister Taro Holmes of the Bajoran Government is suspicious about giving the particulars over comms. All we do know is that it is a cold case and Bajor wants us to solve it. The Minister is going to brief us all upon our arrival on Bajor. In fact he has also offered the planet for you to enjoy briefly while we are there. Now I am open to speculation about what this could be." Marc took a sip of his coffee and leaned into the table. This was the moment he waited for. To see what his crew could come up with in the legal realm.

Just under a year ago Andrew had been stationed on DS9. He knew Taro Holmes not personally after all he was just a normal Starfleet Officer. But the fact that the Bajoran Minister was unwilling to speak freely over the comms was a worry.

“Could it have something to do with the Cardassians and the occupation?” Andrew asked.

"I've a question." Faith just gave this grin, Kelly would know it, but no time to stop what was coming out of her mouth next. "Can we call him Sherlock?" Faith still tried to not giggle, it was there, it was so set up for it. "I don't believe so, Lieutenant. Giving our discussion the other day. The fact we both have been on DS9, my so more in a full capacity and on the Defiant. Let alone the still strained relations after the Dominion War and the formation of the Typhon Pact. It's got to do with Obsidian Order, having ranks in not only that government but also on Bajor."

Nala almost snorted tea and had to grab several napkins.

[She just HAD to make a Sherlock joke!] Nala thought as she tried to get her breathing under control.

Faith paused, and brought up an image on the wall screen, highlighting the sections she was about to talk about. "Settling that bit in, it goes deeper than that, considering we have Cardassians in Starfleet and there are Cardassians within the Breen, the Dominion and the remnants of the Founders. It doesn't have to be... which is the point I'm getting to, the Cardassians as the major player. Just a front, given all of those I listed off want this sector of space. Since Bajor finally joined the Federation, it makes it an even larger target."

Kelly shot Faith a LOOK but took in the screen. She let out a sigh. "I have prosecuted several Cardassians for war crimes during the Occupation, and I wouldn't put it past them. Lt. Benson makes a good point, though, that they may just be a front. Who else is active in this air space?" She asked. The Dominion also had those weird lizard people that fought for them, as well as some factions of Klingons and such. She hadn't stopped pacing, but had moved closer to the others. She looked at Benson and then at Andrew. "When you were at DS9, who else were actively fighting the Federation?" She knew of the Vorta, and the Jem'hadar but as far as she knew, the Cardassians were the brains of the outfit.

"Um, they're called Jem'Hadar, Ma'am," Nala quipped before dropping her head.

[Great...stick your foot in your mouth why don't you!?] Nala thought as she slumped in her chair a bit.

Chris had zoned out on the conversation. Bajor. He was going over charts in his head and was already making a plan for the wormhole. Even though it'd become a well traveled route, piloting the wormhole was still like riding a bucking bronco in a hurricane. He could do it, but it might not be the smoothest trip. He finally looked up after a moment and caught the last bit of the conversation. He wanted to point out that sometimes what quacks like a duck is just a duck, but that wasn't his department and he didn't want to draw attention to himself in a room full of strangers.

Siadra hearing Viessa's dulcet tones. "Hello Viessa, nice to see you." her voice carrying slightly, "I trust you slept well after our initial meeting?"

"Very well, Siadra. Thank you. A couple of hydration hypos and I was fine." Viessa replied softly before looking towards Kelly. "Maybe we shouldn't generalize the entire Cardassian population for the horrible acts of some of the people within their government at the time."

Kelly tensed, but nodded. "I meant the government, obviously. The Cardassians are in as much fear of their leaders as anyone else. BUT... who else would have it out for Bajor?" She was a logical woman and would hear a different argument, but the most obvious answer was Cardassia.

Siadra gave a nod. "There are others who may take advantage of someone thinking it is the Cardassians, make like a red herring in an investigation. Pointing accusing fingers at something so obvious." the lead forensic scientist remarked, then taking a bite of the delicious Deanwich. "Oh this is really tasty. My compliments to the chef." smiling at Faith.

Ensign Theidi had pulled his PADD from his uniform pocket and was reviewing the available information that they had, albeit limited as had already been shared. Typing on his datapad, the Engineer asked, "With the Bajoran Government limiting the information provided, I am concerned that this could involve the Cardassians as well; however, their technological readiness is still somewhat limited due to the events of the previous war and the follow through of the Treaty of Bajor that ended said war." As a Ventaxian he was more than reliant on contract law.

"I would have to agree with the Doctor here," Abe stated, "the occupation of Bajor was a terrible event but not all Cardassian are evil. I would like to think that if it involved something that happened during the occupation Mister Homles would have given us more details. It's not like the occupation is a secret at this point. Given that they don't want to share details until we are there seems to make me think this is far more serious."

Marc smiled he was amazed at the minds of the people around him. Truly the best legal minds that the Federation had to offer and the amount of speculation was dizzying. "Although I agree that we should not assume that it is Cardassians. We do have to look at the facts we have at the moment. They are that this case is Bajoran, it is a cold case so that is safe to say old. All of you are asking who has something against the Federation,. However, the question ask is who other than Cardassians would have something against Bajor." Marc noticed that thus far the only Bajoran in the room had been silent. That would be expected given the subject matter. She will speak when she feels it is warranted. he thought. Now Marc would see what his crew could brainstorm.

Andrew considered his fellow Artemis crew members words. He twiddled a finger in his beard as he thought for a moment.

“Before I left Bajor there was something buzzing around on the rumour mill. It was so crazy that many believed it to be just idle scare mongering or someone pranking new crew. But after what had been said here I am beginning to wonder if it could be true. There was a rumour that once Odo cured the changelings. A small group of them wanted to continue the Dominion war. They oozed away from the Great Link and were planning to destroy the Federation by stealth.” Andy said

Nala's jaw dropped.

[They WANT to keep fighting!?] Nala thought as she tried to wrap her head around something that was in her mind, ludicrous!

Abe leaned forward in his chair, "That's an interesting theory but it doesn't exactly scream cold case."

“ Oh I agree but then again. We know the changelings visited DS9 long before the Dominion war broke out. One of them could have stayed on the planet. If they had kept away from the great link or others of their species then they would not of been infected. They could have been on Bajor for years and no one would know any better. But that’s just a theory. No in my view from what we have so far to deal with. This is has something to do with the occupation.” Andy replied

Kelly titled her head towards the man. "Interesting. I was at DS9 myself, likely during that time..." she did some quick mental math. "Yes, during that time...I think the Federation would've noticed, but WAS a rough time for everyone." Of that, she was aware. She had just been a junior officer, fresh out of school and wet behind the ears-back then, she absolutely was a cheerleader for the Federation/Fleet, but these days? She wasn't entirely sure. "But it's nonetheless an interesting angle." She pulled out a chair and sat down. The Captain would recognize this as her conceding the point, but she wasn't sure about the others. Plus, her knee hurt suddenly. She still crossed her arms under her bust, though, and sat back. If this meeting went on TOO long, she might not be able to control herself that long.

" There are also several smaller players in this section of space as well. " Interjected Jonathan. " There are still Smugglers, pirates, slavers and let's not forget about the Maquis holdouts that are still harboring a heavy grudge towards the Cardassians as well. So the number of suspects in this region isn't a small list. "

“ I agree but then again the Maquis were almost wiped out by the Jem Ha’dar I doubt they would be in position to be a problem now.” Andy replied

Kaida had remained quite quiet as the others offered up theories. Her brain had immediately gone to her parents disappearance and of course she knew that couldn't be it, it had taken a lot of self control to steer her thoughts away from there. No, this had to be something important and old indeed though at the moment she couldn't think what. There were other disappearances of course, important people who had never been seen again and some of those had happened before the occupation. Having been such a small child when she left and not having studied much of her planet's history outside of the occupation she couldn't really put a finger on what it was.

"Something to do with an artifact or an orb?" Kaida had heard of her people going to great lengths to recover such things. She couldn't even focus on that thought. It made her uncomfortable to think of her home planet and all that had happened there.

The Engineer interrupted, "Never under estimate the Maquis. They had proven themselves to be survivors more than once before the war and, while the Dominion claimed to have eradicated their settlements, it was discovered that there were more survivors than initially anticipated."

Marc smiled, now he felt the crew had been thinking. There were so many possibilities beyond the Cardassians. Although if you asked him the good money was on the Cardassians. "Alright, that is enough speculation. The fact is we will not know until we meet with Councilman Taro. So with that said I want every avenue explored..." Marc began to go around the table issuing assignments to each of the crew. He felt that even thought there was a lot they didn't know having the crew do something would keep their minds focused.

"Mr Blake as soon as we adjourn here set a course for the Bajoran wormhole and Bajor. Lieutenant Benson, you and Ensign Theidi are to prepare the ship to depart and coordinate with Poseidon Ops and get us clearance to depart. I want to be ready to make way within the hour. Lieutenant Molaur I want you and Dr Kenobi to investigate any Bajoran files that are available on any remaining Bajoran refugees from the Occupation. Ensign Rider work with them to help fill in any gaps in the physical profiles. I want to know if the Cardassians are hiding anything or anyone. Miller, Corwin get up to speed on Bajoran law, whatever this case is I expect it to be tried in a Bajoran court. Ms Frost I would like you to research on anyone who is on Bajor's most wanted list. Find out who they are and last known whereabouts. Lieutenant Sorine and Lieutenant Griffin pull the Bajoran crime reports for the past few months and see if there is a pattern that could have resulted in this contact from the Councilman. Any questions?"

Andy shook his head.

Viessa looked Siadra and smiled. "No questions, Captain."

"Not at the moment, Captain, but I'll let you know if I do," Nala nodded.

Chris was brought out of his thoughts instantly and nodded. "Aye sir, we'll be under way shortly."

Kelly let out a long sigh, but shook her head. For once, she had nothing sassy to say; it was good advice. She was really rusty on the laws of the Federation's various states. "Aye, Sir." She said. It was times like this that she wished the Fleet would spring for a clerk-or five. She'd get with Corwin later on-maybe they could divide and conquer-the laws of a civilization that reached back as far as Bajor were definitely going to provide her with a LOT of work.

"No questions on my part, Captain." Siadra replied she was eager to get to work.

Jonathan gave a glance in Commander Millers direction and let out a soft sigh. He knew that htey'd both be burning the midnight oil brushing up on Bajorian law, He wondered if it would be better for them to work together or not. He'd talk to her about that before the work was devided up.

"Easy peasy, lemon squeezie," Faith smiled. Her part was pretty easy for now. Which actually was nice for once, though she was still upset over that trial being torn away from she and Kelly.

Standing at the back of the room, Cassie was content with listening to the opinions of the ‘proper’ Starfleet officers, at least she was until a thought came to her. With this being a cold case there was a possibility that hadn’t been brought up. After assignments had been handed out, Cassie figured she should speak up before the meeting was dismissed, “what about bajoran collaborators? Those Bajoran people who actively working with the Cardassians during both occupations”

"We need to move away from Bajorans and Cardassians. Which I did mention before hand." Faith rubbed the tip of her nose.

While Marc did agree with the Second Officer, they did have to explore other avenues instead of Bajorans and Cardassians. He also thought that Cassie had a valid point. Out of everything that was said no one mentioned collaborators. "Good call Ms Frost. Bajor has a history of coming down hard on collaborators. Consider them included in your search."

Taking a breath in, Cassie slowly released it as she nodded, “alright, I’ll add it to my list” she replied, making a mental note for herself.

Ensign Theidi merely nodded in response to his orders from the Captain. He had no doubt that Artemis would be ready and able to complete its mission without issue. His Engineering Teams may not have been together for very long, but they were more than ready for what the galaxy would throw at them.

Marc sat and leaned his head on his hand as he watched his crew dispurse after the briefing. It would take some time but he could see his crew beginning to bond and come together as most crews did. Just based on all that was discussed here Marc could tell that this would be an interesting ship, interesting crew, with not your average mission parameters. Where most ships were mandated with the seeking of new lives and civilizations. The Artemis was mandated with the preservation of the current life and the bringing of law to the great undiscovered country.

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