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Scraps of Paper

Posted on Thu Jun 8th, 2023 @ 10:51pm by Lieutenant Sorine Kaida & Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin
Edited on on Tue Jun 20th, 2023 @ 9:57pm

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Sorine's Quarters - Deck 4 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD003 0900 hrs

Kaida had called and asked for Andy's help with sorting through any information they could find, reports of any kind that might have something to do with Councilman Taro. She doubted they would find anything directly linking him but perhaps a few threads might be attached if one knew where to look. "This is my least favorite part of the job," She told Andy as she was leaning against the counter. "I like to be the first one in a room after a crime, not dig through boxes of crime reports hoping I can find something that might be remotely related to what I'm looking for." She let out a sigh.

Andrew had been hoping Sorine would call him. Although he was a little worried their investigation would bring back unhappy memories for her.

“ Well you never know we may find something. That is a major key to why Holmes called in Starfleet and not the Bajoran militia. But I think it may be a good idea to look through anything just concerning Bajor and not DS9 at least for now. What do you think?” Andy asked.

She nodded, distractedly. "I think at this point looking anywhere would be beneficial. Why not tell us what he wants us to investigate over subspace?" She opened yet another file and skimmed through it. Eventually her eyes were going to cross and quit working altogether. Realizing how grumpy she must seem she sat up straighter and tried her hardest not to ooze the frustration and fear she was feeling. "Would you like something to drink? Coffee? Tea? I should have asked you when you came in."

Andy tapped his chin in thought.

“ Thanks I would love a cup of unsweetened decaffeinated green tea please. You know that’s a good point? Why would Holmes wish to meet up face to face and not give us the full details over subspace.” Andy said aloud.

He then pulled a file and looked through it before speaking again.

“ This is curious…. Up until a month ago Holmes used subspace constantly. Then suddenly he stopped and insisted they used the old fashioned method of personal couriers. For all correspondence to DS9.What could he be afraid of?” Andy asked.

Kaida took his order from the replicator and passed it over to him. She then ordered a Kava juice for herself, one of her favorite drinks from the heritage she could never truly leave behind and looked over his shoulder to see what he was talking about.

"Some conspiracy he's embroiled in that he doesn't want to get out, or someone is watching him and he doesn't want them to know what he's up to." Kaida thought those were the two most likely scenarios. "We'll find out eventually." She just didn't see what the point of speculating was and wasting all their time searching. But then again she wasn't in command and the Captain must think there was something that they could find. "I'll take the six month files," she said. "You can take later if you like."

In a way Andy should be fed up with this work. Going through every file to see if there is any connection or reason for Holmes behaviour. But as this was his first case on the Artemis he was quite happy.Giving Kaida a smile and a big thumbs up. He started to look through his designated file. He noticed the first file he read through dealt with a petty crime Quark had been suspected but no proof could be found. Then he noticed a name on a missing person report he knew.

“ Oh no Vadek Tomo has gone missing. I liked him. Every time he came to DS9 he would invite me and some of the others to a meal. He was a good cook and after he would tell us some interesting stories.He never mentioned his time in Porchet Forced Labour Camp of course. It’s still under investigation apparently he never returned from his trip to DS9.” Andy said.

“That is strange.” Kaida had it in her head that Deep Space Nine was a Starfleet Station and therefore it should be hard to kidnap someone from there. She hadn’t ever actually been there, at least not that she could remember. She had been pretty young when she was adopted and her memories of those first few weeks after losing her family were painful and hard to remember. “Is there any other information?”

Andy read through the file carefully.

“ Hmmm…. According to the report he seemed a little distracted before he left DS9. He made an appointment to see the Kai but never showed up…..a Vadek would never miss an appointment like that. Let’s see if there have been anymore disappearances.” He suggested.

"Good idea," Kaida nodded. She wasn't finding much of interest so she skimmed some files as Andy looked deeper into the situation of the station. "Some petty thefts, a scam or two. I don't see anything out of the ordinary for that station. Nothing that would warrant a call to Starfleet to get their fancy ship and investigations crew to look into it." Kaida couldn't help but crack a smile at what she found next. She may have evern let out a little bit of a chuckle.

Andrew looked through his pile of files and noticed a lot more people had also vanished recently. None of them seemed to be connected at first. They just seemed to be ordinary people who just vanished until he noticed a common thread.

" I think I have found something. The Vadek was not the only person to vanish lately. There has been quite a few people gone missing. All of them share one thing they where all inmates at Porchet Forced Labour Camp." Andy said

Kaida frowned. "I'm not familiar with Porchet." She gave a small shrug. "So many of my memories from that time are tainted in that I don't always remember things clearly and I'm afraid since I left I haven't explored much about where I came from."

Andrew nodded. "When I was stationed at DS9 many of our Bajoran comrades spoke of the occupation.I heard about Porchet. It was a nasty place. Run by an even nastier man. Gul Vancet. Thankfully he died during the Dominion Occupation of Bajor. So karma caught up with him…..that’s odd?” Andy said.

"It's odd that he died in the Dominion Occupation?" Kaida asked, not catching that he'd changed subjects mid sentence. She leaned slightly over him to see what he was looking up. It never occurred to her that she might be overtaking his personal space.

“ No it’s the time. There is no way Gul Dukat was on Cardassia when Gul Vancet died. He was on Bajor heavily disguised as a bajorian plotting to free the parr wraiths from the fire caves. My goodness this is a cover up…he’s still alive.” Andy said.

"Well that's definitely worthy of notifying someone of." Kaida said, wrapping her head around what Andy had discovered. "Since you discovered it, it should be you that reports it." She gave him a small smile. "You're not bad at the research part of things. I always found myself lacking in that area."

“ We're a team we’ll call the Captain together.” Andrew said

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