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His Fathers Son

Posted on Sat Aug 26th, 2023 @ 3:12pm by Lieutenant Sorine Kaida & Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin
Edited on on Tue Aug 29th, 2023 @ 8:27pm

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Main Mess Hall - Deck 5 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD004 0730 hrs

-Mess Hall-

Andrew sat down and placed his mug of tea in front of him. So now the emphasis was on Gul Vancets son. Captain Kidd had asked them to look into this. Griffin had found a few problems even at getting the guy's name. All the files on Gul Vancet family members seemed to be missing or put on something called red file.He needed to speak to Sorine.

“ =/\= Griffin to Sorine come in please.=/\=“ He said tapping his com badge.

"Go ahead," Kaida said, tapping her comm badge as she set it back down on the counter. She'd just gotten out of the sonic shower and was lamenting the days when she could take a bath with actual water like on the farm where she'd grown up on Earth after being adopted. She waited for his reply as she dressed.

“=/\= Captain Kidd has asked us to look into Gul Vancets son. It looks more than likely he is responsible for these disappearances or murders. I am not having much like at the moment on my own woukd you like to join me. =/\=“ Andrew asked

"Of course," Kaida said putting the finishing touches on her uniform and attaching the comm badge. "Where are you?" She could have just asked the computer of course but it was simpler just to ask him and probably more polite than showing up somewhere he didn't want her to be, like his quarters. "I can be there in five minutes."

“ =/\= I am in the Galley but if you wish I can meet you in Security in five minutes.=/\=“ Andrew replied.

"Sounds good, I'll be there." She ended the conversation and made sure her hair was at least presentable and her shoes were on before exiting her quarters. While she walked down the corridor she slipped on her uniform jacket and smiled to a couple of people she passed in the corridor. That was about all she ever did as far as socializing, except for the climb she'd done with Lieutenant Blake. Perhaps out of character for her but she just had a feeling he could use a friend and she certainly could.


As she entered Security her mind snapped back to the task at hand. She gave Andy a small smile. "Did you time me?"

Andrew looked up from the screen and shook his head.

“ No. Glad you were able to come and help me.Boy have we got one difficult fish to net and no mistake.”
Andrew said

“You’re no fun,” Kaida teased slightly. But her demeanor became perfectly serious after that. It was time to get to work after all. “I know you’re speaking Earth Standard but I didn’t catch any of that. What about a fish?” She asked, confused.

“ Sorry. As you know we found out that it now looks like. The disappearances Minster Holmes was looking into are connected. They all served in a forced labour camp run by Gul Vancet. Who faked his death so he escape prosecution. Now obviously he is too old now to conduct theses crimes. But he does have a son who would only be to happy to do it for his father. I found an early report about an incident at Gul Vancets home. A servant was murdered but it was all hushed up. However before the file was snatched away from non Cardassian eyes. It was stated that it was a tutor not servant. When I tried to get permission to see this file. I was told it is a red file not for Alien eyes. Would you believe that!” Andrew said

Kaida frowned. She felt like they were stumbling into something deeper than an old Cardassian being recognized, even if he was one of the most vile to ever live. "No I can't. Everyone thinks they are a vigilante and are above the law and they'll just handle things internally." She wished she had some contacts on Bajor she could ask for some favors from, but she didn't. "So . . . . " Kaida asked. "Are we breaking in? How are we going to get that file?"

“ Well there maybe a way. But it means being very sneaky and we could get our knuckles hit with a ruler if caught. They’re stopping all non Cardassians from looking at these files. So what if we pretend to be Cardassians. We use the universal translator to speak only Cardassian and use a Holo filter to make us look the part. What do you think?” Andrew asked

"Ingenious," Kaida said, quite impressed. She tried very hard not to blame Cardassians in general for what had happened to her family but she often found it hard. So while the idea was impressive it was also a little bit repulsive. At least she wouldn't have to actually go through a surgery to change her appearance. "It just might work," she said softly.

It took Andrew a while to program everything in. The holo filter had been the most complex although his was easy to do. Kaida's had been difficult due to her being female. He had thought of making her male but transforming her voice to sound male was tricky. Soon they had everything ready and giving her a fingers crossed sign he pressed some panels.

A few minutes later the arrogant son of a female dog. He had been dealing with before who had refused to be helpful appeared on screen. Steven had made up a couple of civilians who it was rumoured to be Obsidian order members for their false ID's. That way there would be no nosey parkers afterwards nosing around and discovering Griffins handywork.

At first the man was just as unhelpful until he did a check on their names. Steven never knew a Cardassian could turn pale before.

" Yes of course I will give you Tamar Vancet files at once." The man said almost bowing.

Once downloaded Steven cut the link and turned to Sorine.

" Looks like we have a lot to look through again. At least we have his name Tamar." Steven said then he noticed something else. “ Plus it seems we have been spelling his fathers name wrong. It’s Gul Vamcet not Vancet.”

"Gotta correct that," Kaida said, slightly amused. She thought the image for her was ever so slightly off but it had been good enough to fool the Cardassian. "I'm glad I'm back to looking like my regular self. I'd hate to have to get used to another skin after it's taken me so long to accept what I was born with. We better get to work so we can report to the Captain with whatever we find. I'll make us some tea," Kaida said getting up, her legs were already feeling the strain of staying in the same position for too long.

“ Better make mine extra sweet I have a feeling we are going to be reading some scary stuff here.” Andrew said as he opened a file.

The first part of the file contained details of an incident that had happened at the family home during the occupation.

“ As a kid Tamar Vamcet pushed his tutor out a window for pronouncing his name wrong. Obsidian order intervened and tutors family were dealt with. As always with Cardassian reports ,what exactly that led to was not put down in writing. After they pulled out of Bajor and Vamcet was reported dead. Tamar moved back to Cardassia Prime but only stayed there a year. Before moving away but it does not say where in this report.” Andrew said.

"Sounds like he might be our person of interest," Kaida said. "I mean I know Cardassians can be cruel but this guy sounds like he had a few misfiring circuits in his brain. Some people are just born wrong," she put the tea down in front of them. "And some of them are made." She thought for a moment. "I might be able to pull together a few favors and see if we can find out where he went. My parents had a few old contacts in the resistance. They keep track of everyone it seems like."

Andrew thought for a moment about her parents old contacts. They were looking over disappearances it could be dangerous for them. If Tamar Vamcet was dangerously protecting his family name these people could be in danger.

“ Yes please. But it might be best to warn them about those disappearances. We don’t want your parents or any of their contacts going the same way as these people.” Andrew warned her.

He looked over the files and then noticed something.

“ Why now though? Gul Vamcet has been presumed dead all this time. But in the last six months his son has been busy knocking off anyone who can recognise him. Why now?” Andrew asked.

"Maybe he's trying to resurface for some reason?" Kaida responded. She didn't know why he would do such a thing after all these years, but something must have changed. "Something or someone is forcing him out?" She questioned. "Perhaps he wasn't careful enough and someone spotted him? That would be a good excuse to execute them so that they didn't pass the information on to their own contacts and blow his cover."

Andrew nodded.

“ Well according to this file Tamar Vamcet is quite his fathers son. I mean the reports on what Gul Vamcet did during the occupation are enough to turn anyone’s stomach. Sorry. I know this is hard for you to see are you ok to go on or do you want a break?” Andrew asked.

Kaida shook her head. She'd learned long ago to separate her own feelings from a case. "I'm fine." Kaida had been one of the lucky ones. She certainly remembered horrible things about the Cardassians but she had also been rescued from that and had grown up on Earth. "But, I should probably contact my parents friends and see if they can find anything. Unless there was something else?"

Andrew looked at the time.

“We need to go now to the meeting with the minister. The Captain won’t be happy if we make everyone late by not being on time. Perhaps there’s is more information to be had at this meeting.”Andrew said

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