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Red File

Posted on Thu Oct 26th, 2023 @ 2:22am by Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin & Lt JG Ansel Lund
Edited on on Sat Oct 28th, 2023 @ 11:10pm

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Main Mess Hall - Deck 5 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD005 1300 hrs

It was now clear that the mass murderer Gul Vancet had faked his own death. But why after years of hiding was he suddenly having those who survived his labor camp disposed of? The evidence Andrew had uncovered led to a close family member.But once again why?

Plus the Cardassian authorities were not making things easy. They kept happily blocking Andy’s efforts to obtain information on the closest of his relatives. Gul Vancets son. He collected a mug of tea moving towards a seat. Once seated he read the recent report.

“ What the… file?” He said aloud

New kid on the block thought Ansel as he had stepped aside from the replicator unit to let a pleasant young woman with auburn hair place her request. He was so dang indecisive at that times that he couldn't even decide what he wanted to drink, but when the woman had ordered coffee, that settled it. Of course coffee. Why couldn't he have just made his mind up instead if sornding a minute just hovering idle.

He made the request. It was a mug of hot coffee, but he did was flashy and complex and his beverage orders were often parallel to that. A nice hot mug of kaffe, black and sweetened with a smidge of cloves and two cinnamon sticks protruding out and resting on the edge of the mug.

Lieutenant Lund took a sip. That's home in a cup he thought though he had several homes over the years. The Artemis was his latest. The man's proclamation of 'red file' caused the Lieutenant to veer course to the table he had eyed before and instead join the man because now he was curious.

"Red file?" Lund repeated with a inquisitive tone as he took a seat across from Griffin. "You'll have to catch me up. I'm not familiar with that term" said Lund with a small smile. "You made it sound so interesting that I had to come sit here" he explained.

Andrew blushed. He had forgotten to use his adult voice. On DS9 he was always being told to keep his voice down. After the ensuing bar fight in Quarks because Andy had let a Klingon overhear him. Griffin had tried to use a volume control on his voice.

“ Oops…. Sorry about that it’s just the Cardassian legal system makes me want to scream sometimes. We are trying to trace the son of a rather nasty Gul. But the amount of red tape we are having to go through is enough to cross your eyes. All I keep getting is this warning about the information we need is on a Red file.” Andrew said.

Then Griffin realised he had not introduced himself.

“ Sorry. Andrew Griffin Criminal Investigator.” He said extending his hand. Andrew had noticed the newcomers features and deduced he was half Human and half Romulan. So physical contact was allowed unlike with Vulcans.

There was a slight variation in Ansel's ears that a trained criminal investigator could undoubtedly notice and make deductions about. Funny how that was. He had spent nearly all his life into his teenage years never knowing that he wasn't entirely Human and he wasn't even half Romulan if you really wanted to break his genetics down though some people would just see not being full something as half of whatever. Truth was His father wasn't even half. If Ansel had children, his offspring may not even have the slightly odd ears.

"You're good at your job," Ansel said extending his hand and shaking Andrew Griffin's. "It would sound though that the Cardassians were very good at keeping their secrets secret" added Lieutenant Ansel Lund. "I'm Ansel Lund. I recently joined as your Forensic Entomologist. In short, I study insects and whatever forensic information they can shed on victims and the crime scenes."

Andrews eyes lit up.

“ Really! That is brilliant….where did I put it….hang on….sorry…” Andrew began looking through the files he had with him. Then he found the evidence bag he was looking for.

“ This was found trodden into the soil of a farm where a Bojoran farmer vanished. It was in Dahkut on Bajor at first it was thought to be a piece of fruit. But that looks like a pair of antenna is it a bug?” Andrew asked

Ansel scrutinized what was presented to him. "It does appear that these could be" he said with a nod. "I would not want to firmly say yes though. At least not to the naked eye. I'd want to get this into a lab for a closer detailed look. With that, I may be even to narrow down the insect it came from."

“ Please take it. If you could analyse what type of insect it is maybe you could also tell what part of Bajor it came from. You see there is a possibility this was carried on someone shoe. If that is so we can find out where they either landed on Bajor or where staying.” Andrew said.

Ansel smiled. "I will get these to a lab for a better look and report back to you when I can provide you with more answers."

Andrew nodded.

" Can I come and watch. Only I am quite interested in your side of things. Sadly I managed to singe my Science tutors eyebrows and I was pointed towards Security. I never knew Vulcans could get so angry they forgo the embarrassment of showing emotions." Andrew said

"You are more than welcome to, but I dare caution you" Ansel replied. "Watching me work has been compared to watching paint dry. At least that is what I've been told in the past."

“ That is ok I don’t mind. I used to help out at my parents Kelp farm back home. I would often help my mother in the Lab. We once had a problem with a particular strand of seaweed that would not reach maturity. It took us days just to get samples ready for the microscope so I am used to things taking time.” Andy said.

"We then," Ansel said giving himself and brushing and tugging his attire. "Let's go watch paint dry, Lieutenant Griffin. With any hope, we can have answers sooner rather than later."

So Andrew stood up and followed Ansel.

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Andrew Griffin
Criminal Investigations Officer, USS Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ansel Lund
Forensic Entomologist, USS Artmis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit


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