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Holodeck Interlude Part II

Posted on Fri Sep 22nd, 2023 @ 4:15am by Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin & Ensign Nala Rider
Edited on on Tue Sep 26th, 2023 @ 9:20pm

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Holodeck 3 - Deck 5 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD002 1400 hrs

Last Time on Holodeck Interlude Part I

“ Looks like we made a friend.” Andrew said

"Thank you!" Nala turned and bowed to the whale...or at least TRIED to do those two things. She kinda ended up doing a full roll as well as a spin on account of the water.

"Ok...not my best move underwater," Nala giggled as she finally righted herself.

Andrew called up the arch again and made some adjustments.

“ This should do the trick.” He said

“ Are you ok small one?” The Whale asked.

"Thanks Andrew! giggle Yes, I'm alright...water's not my 'natural habitat' so it's a little hard to adjust. Thank you for calling off those dolphins...I never knew how nasty they could be!" Nala smiled gratefully at the whale.

And Now The Conclusion...

Andrew gave her the thumbs up signal. He made a few adjustments to the arch then it vanished.

“ I have made a few adjustments to the syntax buffer so it should be able to handle each creature we encounters different speech patterns. The Whales' vocabulary is very complex but we should be ok.” He explained.

A couple of Sharks swam up to the Whale. They were giving Andy and Nala a very uncomfortable look.

“ Are they food? “ One asked

“ No. But the Dolphins need a lesson in manners.” The Whale said

“ What again Guardian? ” The other Shark asked.

“ Sounds like you were not the only ones the Dolphins have been rude to.” Andrew said

Nala's jaw dropped...then she swam around in circles to try very hard to not squeal and hurt everyone's ears.

"It's really nice to meet you sharks! I'm a bit scared of you guys, but I also know that you're SUPER IMPORTANT to the eco system...and that you only hurt humans cause we look like what you actually eat! Thank you for what you do!" Nala remembered she was under water this time, and merely lowered her head as a sign of respect.

A smaller shark obviously a baby swam nearer to them.

“ Can’t I have just a small bite? “ It asked.

“ No we are instructed to not eat these things. They is not our food come child we have other matters.” The Sharks parent said

“ This is weird hearing what they are saying. Best keep away from that young Shark I think he wants a nibble. The safety is on so there should be no threat. Which is just as well look Orcas!” Andrew said pointing

Nala swam closer to Andrew, nodding as her eyes went wide with the appearance of the Orcas.

Two Killer Whales swam into view one went up to Andrew but was blocked by the Whale.

“ Not prey.” The Whale warned.

“ Yes. Prey. You move or we shall make you.” The Orca said

“ Do not speak to our Guardian in that manner.” A shark said.

“ Or what shark?” The Orca said back.

“ This could turn ugly Nala.” Andrew warned.

" I'm kinda scared," Nala shivered, swimming slowly backward...until she bumped into something.

A sea turtle swung its head round.

“ Oops youngling be careful it’s best to keep your eyes open when those two get to fighting talk. Why not ride the currents with me and my friends? Well going over to the dancing lights you’re both welcome. Just grab me shell and we will be off” she said

"Opsi! I'm sorry, Miss Sea Turtle!" Nala apologized...then her eye's widened to the size of saucers!

"Can we PLEASE go, Lt!? Please?" Nala begged, making puppy dog eyes at Andrew.

“ Yes please.” Andrew said

The turtle swam to the and lay in the sand so they could’ve get on.

"Yay! Thank you!" Nala's smile was about to split her face in half!

“ Now make sure to hold on as once we that current we’ll be off at Warp speed.” The Turtle said,

The mighty creature then lifted itself up and slowly moved away. It flapped it’s great flippers, which made it move quite quickly towards a line of turtles waiting for them. Then they moved away through the throng of other sea creatures towards a large clear area. There were shouts of warning from many of the other creatures.

"Sorry everyone! This is so AWESOME!!!" Nala howled excitedly, feeling like she was on an underwater roller coaster!

Andrew heard the other sea creatures yell out their warnings of hold tight he closed his hands tightly around the ridge separating the shell from the creatures head. The current caught them and they surged forward at great speed. Even thought they were under water with no winds to batter them. He still had to close his eyes as they began to move at terrific speed. Faster and faster they went at times he had trouble holding on. Finally they began to slow and soon came to a stop.

Slowly he opened his eyes. Before them was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Sun light from above was playing on the coral and a multitude of colours danced before them.

“ Behold. The dancing lights.” The Turtle said.

"Wwwowykazowy!!! This place is so PRETTY!!!" Nala's jaw dropped at the beautiful scenery before her!

Nala let go of the turtle and swam among the lights, mesmerized by the colors bouncing all around her.

"This is more beautiful than the Northern Lights!" Nala breathed as she twirled in a slow circle, humming a soft melody.

A group of small fish started to move in time with Nalas melody. The turtles all lifted their heads and began to make noises in their throats. Soon there was a whole choir of voices joining in.

“ The true song of the sea.” Andrew said

Nala was completely lost in the music, lights, and sea creature's voices as she swam, just barely able to nod her head in Andrew's direction to let him know she'd heard him.

Andrew watched all this happening and was amazed. He knew it had been proved that fish could make sounds. But he never imagined it was as musical as this. Even the sharks were joining in. This did not feel wright to Griffin fish didn’t sing and dance. This looked more like those old fashioned children’s movies from the 20 and 21st century.He checked over the holo program and saw it was called Holodeck interlude.

“ Nala this is not real. It’s an old children’s film.” He said

Nala blinked as reality came crashing back in...but in a GOOD way.

"Huh, ya know something? If this were reality...I actually don't think I'd like it very much. Sure it's fun to sing and dance under the sea, but...even when I was all in didn't feel...complete is the closest word I can find," Nala grinned as she swam back over to Griffin.

"Thank you for this was fun!" Nala punched Griffin on the shoulder, which would probably have hurt bit more had they been on land just cause she sometimes forgot to hold back when she was playing around!

“ Yes but sadly we must finish now.” Andrew said

"Agreed. Goodbye everyone! Thank you so much for the fun!" Nala bowed with a smile.

A Joint Post By

Lieutenant Junior Grade Andrew Griffin
Criminal Investigations Officer, USS Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

Ensign Nala Rider
Facial Reconstruction Specialist, USS Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit


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