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Biting Irony

Posted on Tue Sep 19th, 2023 @ 11:08am by Lieutenant Commander Viessa Kenobi & Lieutenant Siadra Molaur & Lt JG Ansel Lund
Edited on on Wed Sep 20th, 2023 @ 10:18pm

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Labs and Medical
Timeline: MD002 - 1430 Hours

Finally a space of her own to dig through the box that had accompanied Molaur and his hosts, since the curator had died. Siadra breathed a sigh of happiness, finally she could start to examine what was inside. It had been sitting for a bit. With gentle hands Siadra opened the box, reaching in and pulling out the items wrapped so carefully in soft cloth one by one. While she opened one of them, Siadra felt a sharp pain, almost like a needle had entered into her hand. She looked down, there was a red mark upon her wrist, Siadra didn't know what happened but she could feel the definitive feelings of a reaction to whatever had bitten her.

Her heart started racing, her breath became rapid and she was feeling dizzy. Siadra quickly tapped on her combadge. "Medical someone, this is an medical emergency in the science lab, its me. I've been bitten. Please help me...."

She could feel herself start to black out. She can't die not yet..

It had been a general comm channel that Lieutenant Siadra Molaur had opened requesting medical assistance to the science lab, and Ansel knew very little about the woman he had been slated to meet as she was his direct superior. What he did know was that he was probably closer to her location than medical was given he was mucking around the science laboratories settling in as much as he could.

It's a Luna class he thought to himself as he quickly grabbed a tricorder and a little teal satchel he always kept in his workspace. It was not a true medical kit, but it did have a few things for his line of work. Traversing through jungles, rain forests, swamps, and razer blade like foliage, bug bites happened as did contact with irritating plants. "Computer, please locate Lieutenant Molaur" he asked politely.

Science lab was not exactly specific enough on what was initially designed to be a science heavy exploration vessel class. When the computer supplied him with more precise information he darted off like a Violacean cricket minus the giddy chirping to attract a mate.

He gained access to the laboratory, entering it and immediately sliding to his knees at the collapsed woman's side. She's Trill he observed noting the markings on her temple and down her cheekbones and sides of her neck. A quick use of the Tricorder further enlightened him that he was dealing with more than just one life - host and symbiont.

The tricorder was configured for science rather than medical, but it provided him with enough biological information to determine the reaction she was having was quite severe. Isoboramine levels were. Medical needed to there and fast, but he needed to make an attempt to stabilize the patient.

He reached for his satchel and loaded a hypospray with epinephrine. Biology was his undergraduate major, but he sure the hell was not a physician nor did he specialize in Trill anatomy. "Sorry Lieutenant," he said before pressing the hypospray to her neck. "Either you die from what bit you or I'm about to kill you faster, though I'm hopeful this might just keep you on this side of a torpedo casing" he said though she was clearly blacked out.

Viessa had been working in her office at the time of the medical emergency call. The science lab was not that far, nor was it that vast that it would take time to find Siadra. Fortunately when an emergency call came in it pinpointed exactly where it was making life much easier for those on the hunt.

Rushing into the lab with her medical kit under her arm she saw an unfamiliar face next to Siadra. "Excuse me." she said as she moved in. "Do you know what the emergency is? Were you here?" she asked whilst scanning her with her own medical tricorder.

Peripherally she noted a small bag with some medical stuffs inside and a used hpyo on the ground. "Did you administer anything?" she added as the data came through.

"I had some epinephrine and administered it, Doctor" he reported. "I wasn't sure if it was a good idea with her Trill biology, but I had to do something."

"No, no that's good. She's having an allergic reaction to something." Viessa read the scans. "The epinephrine is counteracting whatever is in her body but its causing her isoboramine to drop." she scrunched up her nose knowing exactly what that would mean for both Siadra and Molaur. "Is that a bite?" she asked pointing to the mark on Siadra's wrist.

"She had said something about being bitten" he explained. "By what though I do not yet know" he added.

"Have a look around, see if you can find what she was working on in here." Viessa said, and then realised. "Not ideal circumstances but I'm Viessa." she nodded at the man.

"Ansel," he said providing his name as he began snooping around. He was able to locate the cloth wrapping and some other items. "The script on this looks to be Cardassian, old Cardassian. I'm no archaeologist but I'd say Hebitian period."

Her tricorder beeped loudly at her. "Its a toxin of some kind..." she mumbled administering. "Scans can't identify it."

Ansel's eyes lit up. "Venom," he replied back. "If she were bit as she seemed to believe then it was likely something that bit her or stung her and injected venom which means whatever did this may still be in here."

Voices, Siadra was hearing voices. One was female, the other male. Were they the voices of the other hosts? She moaned softly, can't they just shut up even when she was sleeping? She was cold... so very cold. She started to shiver. In her mind she was reaching for a blanket, but could find none. "So cold." she murmured.

Ansel undid his uniform taking it off and stripping down to the undershirt. He draped it over Siadra. "We've got you Lieutenant" Ansel said and looked at the Chief Medical Officer. "Doc, can you do anything for her in Sickbay? I'm going to need time to find what did this to her."

The placement of the uniform top seemed to calm Siadra down, a tear trickling down her cheek.

"We cannot transport her in this state. We'd do more damage to the symbiont if we do. The isoboramine levels are fluctuating too much." Viessa tapped her badge. "I need a gurney in here for transporting one to sickbay."

There was an acknowledgement of this and soon two medical staff came in with a gurney and with a small lift Siadra was moved into sickbay for proper medical care.

Viessa looked at Lund, "I know this doesn't need to be said, but the sooner you find the bug, venom, whatever did this the better chance I have of saving Siadra." she quickly packed her medical bag up. "I'll be in sickbay stalling this as best I can and I'll see if I can be this by conventional means." she nodded at him and quickly moved off to sickbay herself to treat Siadra.

"I understand," Ansel replied swiftly and nodded. "Stall as best you can, Doctor. If you can, get me a blood sample. That may help me with my hunt."


Viessa moved in just as Siadra was being placed on a biobed. She moved in close, "Siadra, Molaur. You two don't get to go anywhere just yet. You both will not die on my ship. Do you understand me?" she said softly into the ear of Siadra.

Die? Was Siadra going to die?! One of the hosts, Keema was getting fighting mad at this. Even though she was feeling weak the old lady was just wanting to kick some butt. You don't give up Siadra. I didn't swim out of muck and find my way to get help just to die. Molaur, fight, fight fight!

Viessa injected Siadra with a form of adrenaline that was best suited for Trill, and symbionts, so that her body would strengthen against the strain it was under. A moment of lucidness flashed over Siadra's eyes as she realised what was happening but it may be short-lived.

"Oh gosh." Siadra groaned out, her brows scrunching together, "I don't want to die, I only got one kiss from Corwin." a momentary twinkle in her eyes as she tried some levity. The twinkle faded away as Siadra knew she was in trouble.

"I was so stupid not wearing gloves. Its always wear gloves when handling artifacts, now I maybe paying for my carelessness. Oh the irony, death by whatever." Siadra trying to make a light joke as to the circumstance she was facing.

Viessa paused for a moment at the admission of perchance a stolen kiss from Lt. Corwin. This pause was however short-lived as she looked at Siadra and leaned in. "Get a grip of yourself woman. I am not going to let you die." Viessa said sternly before her features softened. "You will live to wear another pair of gloves, you will handle more artifacts and I will keep you on this plane of existence a little longer."

'Where is Lt. Lund?' she thought to herself. She needed to know what type of anti-venom to use.

"Darned determined woman aren't you." Siadra quipped. "Are you planning to arm wrestle Death itself to keep me from the beyond?"

"Death and I have had many conversations and they have learned not to fight me." Viessa smirked.

As her mouth reached the apex of its smirk, its curve, the doors of sickbay opened and in came Lt. Lund looking rather dishevelled but holding a small vial.

Ansel staggered in and did indeed look a bit dispelled. "Here," he said reaching out with the small vial.

Viessa rushed over and took the vial, turning away from the man. She paused and turned back to him and squeezed his shoulder, "Thank you Ansel. You did good." she smiled and rushed off to analyse the liquid.

Moments seemed like hours, seconds sheer agony of wait but Viessa was quite happy with the computer doing most of the work and coming up with a viable antidote for Siadra. Sometimes Viessa missed doing the work herself, half the fun was that EUREKA! moment of finding the solution.

The treatment finalised she placed it into a hypo and moved over the Siadra. Pressing it against her neck she said, "Told you, Death knows better." she smiled as Siadra's eyes flickered. "This will take some time to work and you will feel like crap for a few days. Think hangover for both you and Molaur but times 10. However, you will survive and live to pull another muscle in badly organised yoga." she smiled.

Siadra gave out a light laugh then groaned, "Thank you." she gasped out. "I do feel like I went on bender without the fun."

"You don't need to thank me. The real hero is Ansel, if he hadn't gotten that blood to me then, well, that's not important." Viessa waved over Lund.

The young man blushed "It was nothing. Just bug stuff," he replied simply and humbly. "Though you may want to be careful when messing about with old artifacts, books, crates, etcetera etcetera" he stated. "There are some nasty critters out there with a heck of a bite, Trill anatomy aside."

Siadra carefully nodded, feeling her head spin slightly. "Good heavens." she exclaimed, a bit too loudly and winced. "I will make certain to make all of the proper preparations for it next time and I am glad there will be a next time." she finally noticed that she had been covered with someone's uniform tunic. "Uh who's shirt do I have?" glancing at both Ansel and Viessa.

"Lt. Lund's." Viessa replied looking at the man in his undershirt. "I'm just glad you are alright." she turned as she heard her name being called from across the room. "Excuse me, I'll be back to check on you in a bit Siadra... to make sure Molaur isn't being a pest." she teased and walked off to meet the call of her name.

Ansel smiled as The commander stepped away for a bit. "I am glad that you are alright and doing better. I will definitely make sure to keep all my insects and other bugs with any sort of potent bite contained and away from you" he added teasingly.

Siadra gave out a chuckle. "Well, I appreciate that. And thank you for your timely help. Both of you. Now I need to get myself moving forward, and make up for lost time?" giving wink. "And maybe I can take a look at the insects, but for now I think I need to recover."

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