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All for my father

Posted on Sat Sep 16th, 2023 @ 7:49pm by Captain Marc Kidd & Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin
Edited on on Sat Sep 16th, 2023 @ 7:50pm

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Bajor capitol
Timeline: MD004 1000 hrs

If anyone had looked his way they would have seen just an old Bajoran man walking along. But if they scanned him they would find something else that would be the last thing their eyes ever saw. Tamar Vamcet had already killed plenty of times to protect his father even though the silly old fool lost his mind. That was why the young Cardassian was disguised like this. He had to silence those who could hurt his father even if that was what the old man wanted. Minister Holmes was next on his list but Starfleet had gotten to him first. This for now posed quite a puzzle but no problem Tamar would deal with it. After all, if he could snatch and kill a Vedek from Terok Nor under the noses of Starfleet and the Bajorans. He could kill Holmes just as easily.

Moving off from the shadows Tamar failed to hear someone coming up behind him. He felt a sharp pain in his neck and heard the hiss of a hypo as everything went dark.

His eyes slowly opened and Tamar was able to move. He sprang up but wobbled as the effects of whatever was in the Hypo , had not completely worn off. A smiling face that he recognized stood before him.

“ Gul Typhon Prenar, what an unpleasant surprise.” Tamar said

"Yes indeed Tamar. It would seem that you are giving a lot of unpleasant surprises as of late. Care to enlighten me on why I am spending a lot of resources cleaning up your messes as opposed to destroying Starfleet?" Typhon was not entirely impressed by this young Cardassian. At this moment he would rather be fighting Starfleet and hunting down his son rather than deal with this. However, the amount of deaths in such a short amount of time amounted for Prenar to deal with this directly.

Tamar could see that Typhon had brought with him some loyal guards. So bribing them to turn the other way why he gutted their leader was not a good way to finish the day breathing. Plus the Obsidian order did tend to get a bit angry if you killed their leader without good reason and a lot of money.

“ I have been doing your job. There was a time when you would have done the same for my father yourself. Have you forgotten my mothers last dying wish……..uncle?” Tamar said

"I have bigger problems then dealing with your insane father. If he wants to go rot in a Federation prison than let him. I have a son to kill." Prenar spat the words out. The Cardassian man had been through a lot and developed hatred for many people. However, none were more hated than his traitor of a son. The man who was supposed to replace him.

The story of his cousin had been one of the subjects his father Gul Vamcet had banned from being spoken about. So Tamar was not interested in Hadir Prenar or Typhons quest to kill him. But he was angry with him for calling his father insane. The bodyguards must of sensed this because they moved a little further to their leader.

“ My father is not insane he’s just temporary unwell. It is the tenth anniversary of his wife’s death and at his age he feels it more deeply. Besides why should he have to hide from those ungrateful Bajorans? If he had not culled the weak there would have been food shortages.The people under his care were lazy they needed pushing. But you in the Obsidian order know all this! You should be thanking me for doing your job so you can plot away. All I am doing is what a son should be doing.” Tamar said proudly. “ Protecting their father when he is sick.”

"There is no record of illness anywhere. If there were as you say I would know about it. That said if you did what your father did, and managed to escape the inane legal system that pursued you. Would it not be crazy to return to them? To allow them to prosecute you for doing nothing but your duty? Come now, you know in your heart of hearts that the man is crazy." Typhon allowed a moment to pass in silence to see if the young man would see the light. When Tamar did not Typhon continued. "No matter, it is of no consequence to me. You may leave." Typhon turned to look at a computer screen. He knew full well that if Tamar tried something any one of his guards would take out the young Cardassian without hesitation.

Tamar turned to leave but stopped and spoke with his back to Typhon.

“ My father is a great man. He has done many great things for our people. Do I have your personal guarantee that he will not be harmed, no matter what this temporary madness drives him to do.” Tamar said.

"You have nothing, for I have nothing to give. According to the new government on our homeworld I do not exist, this organization of mine does not exist. That said if it means anything I will tell you that the Obsidian Order will not seek your father out. That is so long as he does not present a danger to what we have planned." In truth as far as Typhon was concerned Vamcet was of no import and could be dismissed just as much as Hadir.

“ Then I bid you good day.” He said

Tamar nodded then without a second glance he left the room. Tamar was not sure as to where he was in the city. But that was ok his ship was within easy reach he could beam to it. He hid in a doorway to check Typhon had not sent anyone after him.

As the younger Cardassian left Typhon simply laughed manically and turned back to his computer screens. He was getting closer to Hadir's whereabouts and was almost ready to release his secret weapon. As such Tamar and Vamcet were of no consequence.

A Joint Post By

Lieutenant Junior Grade Andrew Griffin
Criminal Investigations Officer, USS Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

Captain Marc Kidd
Commanding Officer, USS Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit


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