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House Call

Posted on Thu May 30th, 2024 @ 6:08pm by Captain Marc Kidd & Lieutenant Maya Canak

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Ready Room - Deck 3 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD010 1000 hrs

Maya expected that Mariko would go see the captain right away, so she located her quarters and made sure her personal items had been delivered. There would be plenty of time to unpack and settle in later. Then she changed into a clean uniform, verified the captain's location, and left to check in.

Marc had sat in the command chair and watched as Lieutenant Blake piloted them through the Badlands. At the moment they had no idea what they looked for. But there had to be something. The signal from Siadra's tracer led them this far. He turned as he heard the turbolift doors open and he saw their new Chief Medical Officer emerge. "Ah Doctor welcome to the Bridge. Sorry that you had to board the ship in this manner, but it could not be helped."

The doctor smiled. "It was fine. I had a lovely visit with your new first officer." She looked at the viewscreen for a moment before turning back to the captain. "I see that you're busy. May I ask if there's anything you need from me or should I come back at a later time?" As long as he knew she was here, Maya was fine going down to sickbay.

"At the moment no, I do not believe there is anything that is needed. We are simply searching for our quarry. However, once he is found he will need a complete examination. We are going to need a basis in order to show that he is not mistreated while in our custody." Marc said with the authority one would come to expect from a Captain. Then he realized that he had not met the Doctor, his voice softened when he spoke again. "I hope you are finding everything well. There have been some changes in our staff as of late, as you seem to be aware. What do you think of our mandate?"

"Change is part of life," she began, waving off the comment. "As for the ship, I will say that I've never seen anything like it." She smiled and added. "That's not a bad thing. I know there's a need for what you do, and I'm happy to be of help." Then she grew more serious. "Speaking of your quarry, I would like to see where you'll be holding him. Part of ascertaining that your guest is not mistreated will be to verify that the facilities are adequate. Then I'll monitor him while he's here as part of my duties. That will allow me to confirm that he has been given the care regulations require." Her oath as a doctor should be enough to satisfy Starfleet, if any questions arose.

"Once here if he is in good health he will be given a cell on the prison deck, which is deck thirteen. If medical observation is warranted then he will be put in the secure observation ward of Sick Bay. Our prison deck will provide for all of his comforts, including a cell that meets with Cardassian environmental requirements. He is to be the first prisoner of this new program, we want to make sure that nothing goes wrong." Marc was a little worried about caring for and carrying a prisoner like Vamcet. However, if they were going to prove that they could do it, this was the perfect case to do just that.

"I have no doubt about your or the ship's capabilities. However, you seem to be a bit concerned. As a doctor and the newest member of the crew, I'm simply offering to add my professional opinion in case there are any complaints from the Cardassians."

"Of course, Doctor. There is something I would like you to make sure of once Vamcet is aboard. Coordinate with our Counselor Lieutenant O'Rourke and make sure that our Bajoran crew members do not need any counseling or assistance. I can imagine that this would be tough on them having him aboard."

Maya nodded. "I'll be happy to do so. There may also be some who will be angry. We can look for those who might want to take matters into their own hands and help them as well--although I doubt that will be a problem." Her smile was reassuring. "Always better to plan for the unlikely than to be caught off-guard."

"Be prepared as the old saying goes. Now, if there is nothing else I will let you get settled in, meet the crew as it were and things of that nature." Marc smiled as he spoke but the pile of PADDs on his desk told him that he had to get back to work and all the smiling in the world would not stop that.

"Thank you, sir." Maya inclined her head in a formal acknowledgement of her dismissal. "Good luck with those PADDs." She was glad that her paperwork was more in line with medical reports. As she turned and walked away, she smiled. She was going to enjoy meeting the senior staff. She had no doubt she'd find sickbay in good order.

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