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Science Meet Up

Posted on Wed May 29th, 2024 @ 1:25pm by Lieutenant Siadra Molaur & Lt JG Ansel Lund & Ensign Nala Rider & Lt JG Fenora
Edited on on Wed May 29th, 2024 @ 6:46pm

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Side Bar Lounge - Deck 5 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD008 1300 hrs

A huff came from Siadra as she layed down her padd upon the dark brown desk. She had officers that are in her department and have they truly sat in one place to even get to know each other? Not to Siadra's recollection.

Tapping her commbadge Siadra sent out message, =/\= This is Molaur; Lund, Fenora, Rider, meet me in the Sidebar Lounge in an hour please, and dress casual=/\= tapping her combadge she closed it and went to go get changed out of her uniform.

An hour later or maybe just about ten minutes ahead, Siadra arrived at the Sidebar, dressed in a sky blue sleeveless summer dress which reached below her knees, and wearing black flat sandals upon her feet. Her hair was loose and caressed the top of her shoulders. She sipped at a glass of lemon water while she waited for the hopeful arrival of the others.

Fenora chose a pair of comfortable black jeans and a long-sleeved tunic in sapphire-blue that went well with her skin tone. Siadra did say casual, and this was her version of casual. Her hair was loose as she'd been on her computer for most of the day. She walked into the Sidebar lounge and quickly spotted her boss sitting at a table.

"Hello," she replied with a cheerful smile as she took a seat.

Nala picked a blue, green, and black plaid long sleeve shirt, dark blue bell bottoms covered with light blue stars all over them with dark chocolate cowboy boots.

"Hello everyone!" Nala chirped happily.

Fenora wasn't quite sure what to make of the new arrival. She was...perky. Far more than the Vulcan was used to. Still, she inclined her head in a polite greeting. She was confident she'd get used to the other woman before long.

"Hello Fenora and Nala." Siadra responded with grin. Wonder if Ansel will make it. Would either of you want a drink of something?"

"Lemon ginger tea, please," Fenora replied.

"An Arnold Palmer, please," Nala smiled, deciding to not get fancy...yet.

Getting the orders of the drinks that the ladies who had joined her, Siadra gave a bit of a smile. "How are things with you so far?"

Ansel arrived dressed casually but nice. He was more of a polo shirt and trousers type rather than a tee and jeans sort. He had walked in happy to see that Fenora had already arrived along with Nala. "I'm always last to arrive" he said blushing. "Sorry about that. I get a bit distracted and overwhelmed with work" he confessed.

He smiled at the women. "I appreciate the invitation. Casual attire. I take this isn't a science staff meeting?" That was perfectly fine with that. He quickly discarded the PaDD that he brought along. What he had neglected to notice was that he had picked up a hitchhiker along the way from his quarters to one of the laboratories to the lounge. A tarantula was crawling up along his shoulder.

"Hi.....YIKES!!" Nala shot to her feet screaming, backing away from the hairy little arachnid.

"Don't scare it," Fenora said, her voice calm and quiet. She got up and retrieved the spider before it fell and got injured. "They look scary, but they're mostly harmless."

She set the tarantula on the table and took her seat again. Then she smiled at Ansel. "I think your friend wants a drink. Or he thinks he's part of the staff."

Nala merely shuddered and retook her seat, scooting it a little farther from the thankfully content looking creepy crawly.

Siadra blinked a few times. seeing that spider crawling up his shoulder, actually shivering. "Uh well er glad that your tarantula decided to join us? A- uh little bit of a historical trivia, urticating hairs from Tarantulas have been used in itching powder. " Sidara nervously stated. "Anyway to answer your question no briefing its just us getting to know each other. I feel that it is best to do so and hopefully not kill each other?" tearing her eyes away from the tarantula.

"Nah! We wouldn't kill each other this early in the date, it's usually toward the end that killing's an idea!" Nala chuckled softly, partially at the tarantula info, but mostly at her silly joke.

"Sorry about..." Ansel picked the tarantula up into his hand to have a look at which one of his friends came along. "Ah. Devin. Yes, he's mostly harmless and should be in his habitat right now but he must have scurried up me when I stopped by to feed them."

He made it a key responsibility to ensure Devin stayed on him and not bother the others. "We are working together. I suppose getting to know one another better would be ideal."

"And spiders are not generally the best way to kill someone," Fenora replied blandly. "Poison alone is often more effective, and often harder to detect without testing for it--depending on the poison, that is." While her tone was bland, there was a definite twinkle in her eye. Testing for poisons when you had little left but bone was an interesting process. And probably not a discussion for a casual gathering. "Just an academic observation." Then she couldn't help smiling. "Occupational hazard."

Ansel looked at the Chief Science Officer. "Let's just make sure you don't get bitten by Devin or anything else for a while," said Ansel remembering that only a few days ago an insect bite had nearly put her on the ME's slab. "I can understand your or anyone's hesitance to be around my insects and arachnids."

At least tarantula weren't deadly to humans, but Fenora didn't think it was the right time to point that out.

"Perhaps if I were human I wouldn't be so nervous maybe? They aren't dangerously venomous to humans just make them ill?" Siadra queried. "However despite the fact a few of them being venomous, I have seen webs that were covered with dew gleaming in sunshine, that was very beautiful." taking a sip of her lemon water.

Nala grinned, more at ease with Devin now that her adrinalin'd gone back down to normal. Nala even...very carefully...touched the tarantula.

Ansel smiled a bit when Nala reached out to touch Devin. She was more at ease which put Ansel at ease. Devin wasn't going anywhere, Ansel was protective of all his critters.

"So...what was it you wanted to talk about, Siadra?" Nala asked, taking a long draft of her Arnold Palmer.

"Well since this is something not work related, I did want to get to know all of you better. Find out something about each other, things we like to do on our personal time and like maybe find out if we have common interests maybe even plan some activities. Kind of team building." Siadra giving a light laugh.

"Welp, I like puzzles, crossword puzzles, word searches, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, reading, art, gymnastics, science,, sorry, volcano mouth over here," Nala laughed softly, swirling her drink before snagging a mozzarella stick from the basket in the center of the table, and dunking it in Marinara sauce.

"If anyone has stopped by my lab recently, I've really begun to settle in. So. It may not come as a shocker to anyone that I enjoy books, bugs, and all these creepy crawly critters" Ansel replied. "I'm also a hopeless romantic, but way too boring for anyone" he chuckled.

"My turn." Fenora smiled at the others. "I like books, history, and books about history--as well as several genres of fiction. I also like bones. I have a full skeleton in my quarters and will soon have one in my lab as well. The one in my quarters takes care of my lyre. It's one of the few things I brought with me from Vulcan."

"Ooo," Ansel said looking at Fenora. "You play?" he asked genuinely interested in hearing her play sometime if she did. "I dabble in an instrument or two, but never the lyre."

"I do. Mostly classical music, though." That type of music seemed to suit the lyre best.

"That sounds amazing." Siadra exclaimed, "I would very much like to hear you both play." taking a sip of her drink, then she remarked. "Okay my turn. I do love history, and enjoy listening to music. I've not explored that side of the muses as of yet. I do love watching movies and I love the theater. And I do love collecting interesting items." she paused and looked at Fenora, " A full fledged skeleton, to guard your lyre. And how far along are you on your skeleton in your labs?" Siadra asked, being extremely interested.

"Well, that depends on parts," the Vulcan replied, tongue-in-cheek. "This time, I'm working on Frankenstein's Monster. To be authentic, I need to do some grave digging and that can be problematic."

"You WHAT!?" Nala spit out her drink in pure shock!

"Sounds fun," Ansel said with a smirk. His eyes widened and illuminated like a child at a festival. "Where and when can I join you?"

Fenora couldn't help laughing at the reaction of the other two scientists. She hadn't been serious about recreating a skeleton of Frankenstein's monster before, but the idea was groing on her. "I don't know yet. It depends on opportunities and local laws." And how much it would cost her to get permission. She could easily replicate the parts she needed, but she wanted to try the old fashioned way if she could do so legally. It was something she'd always had at the back of her mind, but never really admitted out loud--until now. She might end up using a holoprogram and replicators, but there would need to be more research first.

Siadra almost choked on her drink when Fenora made her comment. She was speechless at first, the reaction of Ansel and Nala was... rather.... she couldn't put a finger on any words to say being rather surprised.

Finally she spoke. " I er.. um... you, you want to make a Frankenstein Creation?" Siadra sputtered out. Molaur on the other hand well make that Jomod was all for that. Despite wanting to keep her next utterance in her mind, Jomod wasn't about to let that happen. "You can count me in on that, I would love to be in that process."

Fenora was surprised by the lieutenant's willingness to participate. "Well then, with three of us, I'll definitely look into the possibilities. But we can only make a living creature on the holodeck." The medical problems alone were more than she wanted to deal with if they couldn't fudge the science. "Still, a skeletal Monster would be fascinating to put together." She was getting more excited by the idea and would definitely find a way to make it happen.

"While I still shudder at the DOES sound kinda fun," Nala admitted quietly after regaining her composer.

This was developing into a real project. Fenora grinned at Nala. "Great. The more I think about it, the more I think we should do this on the holodeck. I'd love to test how joints and ligaments are stressed by attaching to bones of different sizes. You could do the facial reconstruction to see what we can learn about creating the physical elements of our monster."

"NOW you're speaking my language!" Nala grinned, warming to the idea more and more.

Siadra clapped her hands together in delight. "Looks like we've got a fun activity for our group to do together." Giving out a laugh. "And it can't really be called a work project in regards to our normal work. Can it?"

"We can call it a team building exercise," Fenora added, grinning. "This is going to be fun."

Nala grinned, swinging her legs excitedly at the prospect of the new fun adventure!

"That sounds fabulous!" Siadra agreed. "Makes for a good way to have fun. " she raises her glass, "To us the Science Team! Though I wonder if we should extend this and include the medical team. What do you think?" having a twinkle in her eyes.

"Yes," Fenora said. "They can help rebuild the organs and tissues." There was a lot of work that medical could do, and it would be nice to involve the other department in this.

"Indeed, I like that idea most definitely." Siadra raised her glass to the others, "Once again, here's to us and may we continue to have good relationships with each other."

Nala was getting excited by the idea...especially since they were thinking of adding Medical to make it more authentic!

Since it was Fenora's idea, she decided it was her responsibility to set up time on the holodeck and invite both departments. She was definitely looking forward to this.

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